Hi guys, today I will be showing you how to build KILLERK'S Shotgun attachment on the TR8 witch was about a year ago. This replaces the 8 shot turret into 8 shells of pellets (green rods) that shoots 8 green rods at a time ; it shoots a total of 64 green rods in a matter of seconds with a range of 100ft+. This attachment is really good for Indoors because they are really easy to loose outside. Let's build! All credits goes to Killerk. VIDEO https://youtu.be/GJpc7L0DCPM | KILLERS NEW CHANNEL https://youtu.be/MkbXORuO5rw

Step 1: Remove the Turret

Take off the tan clip attached to the Y connector on the Turret Rod

Step 2: Build the New Turret

32 Y Clips
5 White Connectors
8 Blue Rods
5 Tan Clips
2 Blue Spacers
2 Grey Spacers
32 Size band

Step 3: Place It

Step 4: Shotgun Ammo

25 Grey/purple Connectors

1 Grey rod

1 black hinge

2 grey 2 slot connector

x8 green rods

1 #64 band

Step 5: Lock N Load

You're done!

<p>this looks cool </p><p>it reminds me of a gun from black ops </p><p>when i get enough pieces i will defiantly build this </p>
<p>Thanks bro</p>
<p>Neat concept! I may have to build this sometime! Favorited. :)</p>
<p>Thanks bro! I really appreciate it :)</p>
<p>No problem, Element Force! Thanks for posting it! :)</p>
<p>You're welcome, if you build it feel free to show me some pics.</p>
<p>Okay, I will!</p>
<p>thanks for posting! Happy you like it! I haven't toyed with this concept in some time.</p>
<p>You're welcome! It's definitely fun to play around with. I hope I see you coming with something soon when you have time. </p>

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