Step 6: Shotgun more than just beer!

Picture of Shotgun more than just beer!
While drinking beer is a hoot, putting your thumb through cans is so much fun that it's nice to be able to do it even when you don't want a beer.  Maybe your not of legal drinking age yet, maybe you don't like the taste of beer, or maybe you just want to send down a few sodas in less then 30 seconds at the office. 

Whatever the reason that you're not shotgunning a beer at this very moment, don't let that stop you from poking a hole through aluminum cans filled with other types of liquid today!

Waxmonster5 years ago
 is there a risk of cutting your thumb at all?
PyroTeen2135 years ago

do you think that would work for energy drinks

does that taste good?
it depends on if you like juice. The same brand has different flavors but you have to find a place you can get it.