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I was a working on the Heavy support splodie rifle, and halfway there I found out that this gun could alos support other types of ammo! So I kinda played with modefied oodammo and then I though of an instructible I sa a few months ago on shotgun ammo. I searched for shotgun rounds but it didn't gave me any results. I think the guy that made it removed the bullets. So I though "hey,I know how these things work, so why don't I go and make em?" So I made two differnt versions; one for normal knex guns and one for Infinnion's HSSR. I do think however it may need one little improvement, I'll post that later. For now, lets get building!

PS: Credit to the maker of shotgun ammo and Darth trainman for the idea of priming the bullets.

Step 1: Parts list

These are all the parts you need for the normal bullet;

1 Yellow rod
1 Red rod
1 Orange connector
1 Black thingie
Up to 24 blue spacers. More will increse the number of shrapnel but decrease the power.

For the HSSR version you need:

1 Green rod
1 Red rod
1 Orange connector
1 Black thingie
Up to 24 blue spacers. More will increse the number of shrapnel but decrease the power.

Allright, you know what you're doing. For great justice.
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well are you talking about mgs or sinpers or pistols? but it cool
TigerNod (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
I think they can be used in both, but I'm not sure for I haven't tried them out yet on slingshots. I an afraid the rod will fly out of control and hit the target with the wrong side, but as I said before I am not sure about that. What I do know is that it works in all k'nex guns that use a bolt, exept for the ones with fake barrels.
lol i can do better than this, although it is old but i will be posting tommorrow or soon... it works on anygun that will directly shoot only a particular spot aka through a barrel, made to meet the requirements of the ZLG and has a shell with shot. No pictures...
TigerNod (author)  knex_mepalm6 years ago
Ok, I'll be waiting...
yeah, im really tired today, tomorrow for sure.
TigerNod (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
Hey Mitchell, I know this is a late reply, but I suppose you completely forgot about this project. Can you maybe try this again? I'm sure this new type of ammunition would be awesome!
No I have been making this like for the last who knows when. I am coming back to instructables...no notice, lolz. Anyway, there was a slideshow/video somewhere about some ammo that was made of paper that I posted. If you removed the tape it would burst out. Anyway, working on it, if it takes this long, it probably means it cannot be dont, reply in a week maybe?
TigerNod (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
No probs, I''ll be waiting.
they work in slingshots
TigerNod (author)  Fred the evil puppet5 years ago
Ah, thanks.
they work well in guns like beamrons break action shotgun.
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
No, you don't seem to understand what this is for. This is not meant to be used in a shotgun, but to make a normal gun a shotgun.
i know what they are for, they are muzzle-loaded grenades that explode on impact or in the air to fire a spray of pieces at the target.
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
Yes. I think they are much more devastating if you fire 6 at a time, right? Let me think... 24 x 6 =... 144 spacers in one shot!
i took the BR-V1 turret and made it into an extended GG and it fired 24X8=192 spacers and 8 rods and 8 Y clips.
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago

PS: take the turret of the BR-32 instead: 32 X 24 = 768 spacers!!!!
actually the BR-36 and change the spacer holder to an orange/grey rod.
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
maybe, remove the front-reinforcer piece from the vivisector and load these in, 64 barrels, or make a counter-rotating gattling gun out of BR-36 turrets.
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
With the Vivisector, that would mean... 1536 spacers!!! But with the more compact BR it gets even better... 2 x 36 x 24 = 1728 SPACERS!!!!! That would be the ultimate shotgun!
i know, except replace the spacers with white snowflakes, then call it the apocalypse shotgun or maybe bedbugg2's splodies on sticks?
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
Wow, great idea with the splodies, that is ± 21 splodies in one grey rod, and 756 splodies in a BR turret, that means it fires 1512 pieces at a time, and with a double barrel and 3024 pieces at a time!!!!! Epic! Even better would be if you would improve the splodies: slide one snowflake connector on a grey rod and attach 8 splodies to it and then add spacers to the splodies. That would mean 336+129=465x21x72= '798336 PIECES IN ONE SHOT!!!!!!!!!! L0l, now i'm overdoing it. But wait... This just gave me another idea... Wait, I'll be right back.
actually, i think i am the one overdoing it, my idea involves 65 vivisector drums and a frame, 140 ATT motors, and every Knexer in the world, to do it you take 64 vivisector drum and hook them up to the main vivisector drum, you make the drums on the wheel counter-rotate so the triggers trip the other trigger (every drum gets 2 motors) and the main drum gets at least 10 motors, then make a heavy duty frame for it and load it with bedbugg2's splodies, then fire it. i think someone could get into ripleys believe it or not for doing that. but if it worked it would be insane and could decimate any team in a knex war, not that there would be any knex left. 36 621 is the amount of pieces that would be fired in about 1 second, as the entire drum does not have to rotate a lot, but the main drum would take a while to warm up and the whole thing would problably weigh about 1000-ish pounds, it would be amazing to watch though, if you could wire it to a tripwire though it would be hilarious, i think most people would near faint if they turned around and saw something that big warming up to discharge its magazine at them.
yes it is.
i would shoot myself with that :)
problably wouldn't do any damage though.
yes! it could! i would get one in my eye! YAY!
Yup! LOL
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
Lol, if you would use the modded splodies I was taliking about that is... 465 x 36621 = more then 17 million pieces in one devetstating blow! You are really overdoing it :-)
then what if you took 64 of geodez's gun and put them on one vivisector drum so you would have a few million knex pieces being fire every shot. that might acctually kill some one.
TigerNod (author)  Millawi Legend6 years ago
Nah, it wouldn't kill someone.
fill the orange/grey rods with blue spacers, the first complete death knex gun.
TigerNod (author)  An Villain6 years ago
Ok. I must stop now. We are both really overdoing it. That with the dual BR's filled with shotgun bullets was ok, now its just madness.
it actually ended with 65 vivisectors full with shotgun bullets. but let's stop now.
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