Nerf Kriss (homemade)




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Introduction: Nerf Kriss (homemade)

Design dead. Project will never happen.

Nerf Kriss
it shoots 2 inch stephans
pic2: Charged
Pic3: Fired
The entire frame will be made out of pollycarbonite (Lexan)
The clip should hold between 7 to 20 rounds
!!!!!update =)
I have revisited this project and have designed it to use a 17/32 angel breech.



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    It looks very similar to the vector SMG

    i would really love to see this as a real product, looks very possible. superb job dude!!!!

    in the first place? I wanted a small weapon capable of semi-auto fire with decent ranges and a big magazine for indoor games

    i ment the real gun

    a small compact Machine gun with miminum recoil

    I agree with bounty compact is uzi or mac 11

    but the Uzi and mac 11 have bad recoil and little accuracy. the Kriss is pretty damn accurate and has minimal recoil.

    Well thats because they're SMGs meant for up close encounters and a fast get a way.

    only because of the stock if you stick a stock on a uzi/mac than the accury inproves drasticly i know its still not as good as the kriss but its still smaller

    what im saying is that the Kriss actually uses something which directs the recoil out to where it does not effectthe shot, even without the stock it will do this whereas the uzi has a lot of recoil and spread

    a compact uzi is compact :p

    im saying a uzi or a mac11 are compact not a kriss i aggree with u

    and the recoil is killer.

    being a really big fan of the kriss (just the fact that the real one directs the recoil downward) could you post instructions on how to make this? would be EPIC!