Shoulder Rig for DSLR & Camcorders





Introduction: Shoulder Rig for DSLR & Camcorders

Does your hand shake ?
Are your friends seasick while watching your home video's ?
Here a cheap,  very easy to build handheld shoulder rig for DSLR and camcorders.
Today's camcorders are very light, and many people shake after 2 minutes of filming.
This DIY rig helps to steady a DSLR or camcorder, so you can walk & film at the same time. 
All parts are easily obtainable, and some "harder to find parts", can be substituted for.
As you can see, I love to repurpose objects.
Estimated cost of the rig is between 15 US$ to 20 US$.

Step 1: List of Parts

1) Yellow Panel Carry Handle made by Stanley ref # 93-301
2) A 90* bracket (70 x 70 x 55 x2.5mm)
3) Pool swimming noodle, (can be substituted by padding foam or cotton rag)
4) Scrap piece of wood
5) a 1/4"  camera screw.
For shoulder piece I use a Yellow Panel Carry Handle made by Stanley.
Ref; Stanley 93-301 14-Inch Yellow Panel Carry Handle.
It can be bought at ACE ,Home Depot and many other stores. (Amazon too)
I bought mine in Belgium, at Brico,where it is sold under their own label.
As a shoulder pad, I use a short piece of pool noodle, but this can be substituded.
To the shoulder base, I bolted a scrap piece of wood.
To the wood, I bolted a 90* metal bracket.
One of the holes of the metal bracket has to be widened.
Building this rig is very simple, parts are easy to find and cheap to buy.

Step 2: Shoulder Pad

As a shoulder pad, I use a short piece of pool noodle
The Yellow Panel Carry  Handle has a few notches at its wider side.
Press the pool noodle against the notches, to mark it.
Use a permanent marker to draw where you are going to cut.
With a sharp cutter knife, cut the noodle.

Step 3: The Metal Bracket

Here you have a few options , just find out which will work best for you.
This metal bracket is a leftover from an old hands-free car phone.
I'll paint the shoulder rig black, it will look better.



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Did anybody build my "shoulder rig" ?
Feedback from users would be interesting for improving new version.

this could also be easily built using pvc pipe

Yes it can.
Just do it !
I am happy I could inspire you

I am actually looking to make a variation of this with a set of aluminum crutches I had laying around :-) thank you for posting this and getting the mental juices flowing

I am happy to have inspired you.
Sometimes one only needs a little spark to have "Mental juices" flowing.
Please post your work.
Ciao Chefmichel.

I built a similar device years ago. It looks very much like a rifle stock. With a long lens on the camera it looks like a weapon. I wouldn't dare use it today.

Congratulations on a clever design. It can never be taken for anything but a camera mount. The bright colours add to its innocuous appearance.

The swimming pool noodle is a clever touch for added comfort.

I will use mine for a DSLR and will attempt to position the mount so that my head will remain upright and yet keep the camera viewfinder firmly against my eye.

I will also attempt to attach a long cable release from the camera to the hand grip and use it like a trigger. My old one had this feature.

I might suggest a camera quick release for convenience.

Thank you, chefmichel.


I'm gathering materials to build it, I'll let you know how it goes. Still need a bracket and mounting screw for the camera. Is that a cork-board between the camera and the bracket?

Hi ToeKneeGee,
It is a piece of leather, I had lying around.
Best is to buy a mounting screw in a camera shop, or use one from a very old 35mm camera.
The idea is to protect the bottom of the DSLR/camcorder against scratches.
But I am sure any piece of cork-board or plastic will do.
Good luck to you.

I videotape weddings, and this rig is perfect for shooting the wedding receptions. (High mobility, low shake) The only thing I'm going to do differently when I build it is paint it to match my camcorder.

Hi Carlaashton80, thank you for your comment.
Paint it black,is the last comment on my step 3 picture.
Please add a picture when you are done.