Shoulder tap to win friends and influence people - An Arab American improvised greeting

Picture of Shoulder tap to win friends and influence people - An Arab American improvised greeting
Greetings come in many flavors and styles. But have you really considered the affects your greetings have on others? Does your hello forge connections? Do you leave a lasting impression? Or do your conversations end after a tentative handshake?

I've developed a greeting that has over time become a hallmark of getting to know me. It's derived from the African American Hip Hop Hug and Arab hugs and kisses evolved in an American context. With an emphasis on touch and interaction I call it the Shoulder Tap. After years of being shrouded in mystery I am revealing the secret  history behind this powerful hand shake, the methods of properly executing a Shoulder Tap, tips and tricks and the motivations behind this incredible social door opener.

This video includes some video of me shoulder tapping various people in a variety of positions and excitement levels. The last shot is of me shoulder tapping Carl Bass the CEO of Autodesk, he seemed to take it well!

I hope this Instructable encourages you to consider the way touch, body language, and other nonvocal communication you employ affect people around you and the situations you get in. Good luck with being awesome! Here we go!
للتحية أهمية كبرى في تنظيم مجتمع ما ،وسرها يكمن فيما تفترضه التحية ويتجلى لنا في كيفية ردها للسابق إليها ،لقد فرضتها كل الشرائع السماوية و الإنسانية والمرء المتواضع هو السباق دائما إلى التحية ،لذلك فرض على المتلقي للسلام والذي غالبا ما يكون مغرورا بنفسه مترفعا ومتكبرا أن يردها .

فالإستجابة للتحية فرضت عليه بما يميل بها إلى ما هو أحسن منها ،أوعلى الأقل بردها بمثل ما وجهت اليه تماما دون تشويه أو نقصان على أختها الأولى .

وهذا التعامل في التحية يوجد في ثقافة جميع الشعوب والأقوام بدون إستثناء.

للتحية الحرية في كيفية أدائها إما بالكلام،إما بالحركة أو مشتركتين معا في تأديتهما ،وأحيانا فيها لمس وعناق أو تقبيل.
blkhawk3 years ago
Great 'ible! It is important to be acquainted with other people's customs regarding greetings, conversations, humor, stances, etc. to avoid a faux pas
chuckr443 years ago
Thank you very much for your explanation of body contact in other cultures. Yes, Americans are very uptight about body contact and personal space issues as well as sex. They are probably one of the most uptight countries in the G8. I'm not sure about Japan.

Personally, I'm not uptight about touching or sex. But I just don't know the norms for other cultures.
SmallFlower3 years ago
As a vision impaired person, touch is very important to me. However I was brought up in an extremely reserved environment so just the thought of trying this fills me with panic. I am unable to make eye contact with people, and so would most likely end up smacking them in the face with my head and them having to go to the hospital. That said, cheers for an informative, interesting, and enjoyable treatise on the use and importance of touch in our culture.I feel, despite my own personal reservations, that touching in our (American) society is very under-rated and misunderstood part of our culture. Also, how cool is that you met the president of AutoDesk and give him a dude hug! Thumbs up, sir! (a non-tactile, gestural method of expressing approval)
jrv_boots3 years ago
Shoulder taps are common among any male-dominant group!!
Pilgrimm3 years ago
There is nothing that conveys interest in, sympathy with, love of, and the desire to endure with another human being than the good old-fashioned "handshake." That has been enough to display respect, sympathy, and love for one's fellow man since the average Roman Soldier started demonstrating that his (stronger) more dexterous (right-sided) hand was not bearing weapons. If you offer your hand to another with sincerity, warmth and eye-contact, there is an entire language that passes from one individual to another in that brief instant. No embellishment is required!
salazam3 years ago
Nothing adds more authenticity to your Instructable (as if it needed it anyway, it's very well done!) than the Dilated People's clip featuring Alchemist... those guys ARE hip hop.
old_code3 years ago
Not a hugger myself (due to upbringing) but want to try some of the basic greetings. Loved some of the videos (i.e. Qusai, and will be watching more of these), and found the links to add to content.

Very well done, and appreciated. Thumbs up!
Treknology3 years ago
There is a version of this getting around Australia as well. It's basically a traditional handshake followed by the hug. My interpretation was that keeping the clenched fists between the chests preventing the A-frame hug, was to block unintended homo-erotic displays. Guys seem way more worried about this than girls.

I think just the quick tap is a progressive move. You've made your impression, but you haven't invaded personal space for too long. Well done.
bets_valle3 years ago
This is pure genius! Semiotics of the human language :') this is anthropology! beautiful! I shall be shoulder tapping in no time :D
Truehart3 years ago
Just pure awesomeness! Great 'ible!
Kiteman3 years ago
Oh, you colonials, so avant garde...

Most Brits only hug people if they are related, on the same sports team*, drunk, or trying to get into organised crime. I was taught to hug properly by a Californian.

* And trying to prove they're confident in their manhood.

randofo3 years ago
You are the best shoulder tapper I know. I don't think anyone else could have rubbed shoulder with the CEO so smoothly.
Cabe3 years ago
Here in the UK the LAN parties I go to are very very huggy environments. Certainly those of us who volunteer our time to run them spend a week or so in each others pockets with a common enemy (Anyone who has spent time in IT knows Users are the enemy :) ), we become very close very quickly. There is a lotta love in our community, and I for one enjoy it.

As someone with "weight to throw around" I feel I should reign in an advanced bro grab and let them land on me :)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Ooh, now I'm excited to try the advanced shoulder tap! Although I do picture myself flat on my behind as a result.