This I'ble will show you how to craft a shower caddy from a used Water Bottle.
Not only is this project functional, but more importantly it looks good too.

Organise and store your soap or razor, in this neat little shower caddy.

This is a entry to the "Keep the bottle" contest. Please take the time to vote if you think the idea, is worth me getting a prize for it. I would really enjoy the prize, so please vote.

Some Instructable members have already started making theirs!! Quick you don't want to be last!!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will only need a few things to complete this project. They are

~ A water bottle.

~ Super glue.

~ Some cotton cord.

~ Scissors.

~ Nail.

That's it, Lets go!!
&nbsp;that soap in the first pic looks like a boner<br /> and yes im kinnda a perv
Neat and practical would probably work good for camping also as they do not give you much room in those small showers to hang up your stuff...Thanks and I'll make a few for my boys to try out when they go camping......Much luck, hope you win!!
Here is my caddy. I used hot glue instead of super glue. I used some twine for a more rustic look. It would be cool if you added to your instructable putting hot glue around the edges of the hole and laying rope or twine on it to soften the edges, as it really helps.
WoW!! That really turned out great!! I hope it functions well for you.
He he he, I ran out of cord... I'll amend the I'ble when I can with your suggestion. Thanks.
Lol no problem mate
Hey nice job. I made one myself today with a plastic peanut bottle. Great simple instructable. Thanks a ton.
WoW!! Any chance you could add some pics? I would really love to see how it turned out. Yes, I like how neat and simple it is. The problem with bought caddies are that when they become scummy you don't want to use them anymore, wasting money. This little caddy can be recycled when done and another only takes minutes to make. Thanks for your comment.
I like it and i shall post back soon with pictures. Is there any way that one could soften the edges of the hole in the bottle?
You could continue with the cord work or alternatively use some 240 grit sand paper on the edge. Do not sand the surface of the bottle or it will turn opaque.
Very nice, it has an industrial look and seems very easy. Good instructable.
Thank you for your comment. Yes it is rather appealling for such a basic design. I didn't want to make it too fancy just simple and neat.

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