Shower of Blood





Introduction: Shower of Blood

If you like hear people screeming, this is the prank for you. Well you may not see the expression on his/her face but i'm sure that the sound is going to be loud enough. I want to apologise about the quality of some of the pictures but the light in the bathroom is poor.

Step 1: What You Need

For this prank you will need only some Easter egg paint (red). I used some brown as well because the red on wasn't dark enough. The paint is in the shape of pills and the shell dissolves a bit slowly than normal paint does - just enough time for the victim to adjust the water's temperature and get under the shower.

Step 2: Preparing the Shower's Head

Almost every shower head is made in two parts -head and water ports and they are connected by carving. Between this two parts is where the "pills" should be. Unfortunately mine shower's head wasn't deatachable. But i  untwist the hose's nut and put the "pills" inside the head. Then i put the head together and in place. Stay close to the door not to miss the scream!!



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    i know exactly who to do this two >:)

    ink... disgusting ahhahaha
    someone lost a baby there.

    i don't want to be rude but imagine the first thought of a girl if she doesn't from where it comes.:)

    Ya don't look so right when you think it differently way haha

    this is a Halloween prank. :P

    This is well done but with egg dye it stain the skin. I had to find non dying food coloring worked then and found it in the cake department at my local walmart and the empty gel pill caplets at a local GNC