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Introduction: Shower Prank

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Have you ever wanted to get Back at someone for a joke they played on you? Or do you want to wake up satisfied on another successful April fools' day?
Just follow this simple trick guaranteed to provoke screaming, then laughter throughout the home.
Thank you for making this instructable a winner in the April Fool's Contest!

Step 1: Get Materials

This is a simple step.
First, you collect the ingredients for this prank.
All you need is:
1.) Two or three bullion cubes
2.) A shower head

Step 2: Take the Cap Off the Shower Head.

You take off only the cap where the water comes out. Make sure the cap can be easily put on again.

Step 3: Unwrap Bullion Cubes

As simple as it seems. Just unwrap the bullion cubes.

Step 4: Place the Bullion Cubes Back in the Shower Head

Just make sure that they are unwrapped and that there is room for them so the shower head doesn't break.

Step 5: Put the Shower Head Back Together

Again, just make sure there is still room for the cubes inside the head, and make sure it's all put back together right, or that will cause a bigger problem than a bullion shower.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Just make sure the next person in the shower is someone who is fine with pranks and doesn't care, or else you might be in big trouble!

I am not responsible for any broken shower heads or angry siblings.



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Where do u get bullion cubes i cant find any at stores

Any major grocery store will have them in their soup aisle. It is basically powdered broth

Clever but not for me thanks!

what is bullion

Its used for cooking, and applies flavor to the meal.

Or use red Kool-Aid powder... >:)

I've done this with Lifesavers candies and they'r ethe worst because you can't tell until you start to dry off. *shudders*

They might think their toilet is backing up their pipes.

this is a clever idea! however i know i wouldn't play it on some people...

i like it!!