Picture of Shower Thing
An easy way to organize your shampoo and bodywash bottles in your shower.
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Step 1: Deconstruct a loofah...

Picture of Deconstruct a loofah...
Cut a loofah and unravel it so that you are left with a long tube of loofah material...

Step 2: Insert your shampoo or bodywash

Picture of Insert your shampoo or bodywash
Slide your bottle into the loofah tube and secure the top with a hair tie.

Step 3: Add a hook

Picture of add a hook
tie a knot in the top, then using metal wire or an old hanger, add a hook to the loofah tube.
xrobevansx7 years ago
Great idea! Just one thing: this is a loofah
What you have there is a "bath net" or "bath mesh sponge". I know, I know "same thing"...but loofahs are real, natural, plants while your item is synthetic. Great idea non the less!
ST Loofah.jpg
i was thinking this too... i think it is called a pouf or a poof, depending on your geographical location.
"Elihu, will you come loofah my stretch marks?" lol
Ysabeau4 years ago
I have immediately made my own.
kayohh4 years ago
also works great using drawstrings from nylon rope. so they dont smell, like the hair ties once they get wet
HAL 90005 years ago
 Ingenius!! we not only have a need for a "shower thing" but also have a loofah that is on its last leg. Great idea and well documented. Its always great to see a simple idea outlined in detail, without going way overboard.
stykzorz5 years ago
 this is a fabulous idea! what a creative way to recycle old loofas. im totally making one of these! :)
j-bar036 years ago
I like this idea so much I rushed straight off to make one. I put a bottle in each end and suspended the tubing without the need for a hook. Oh, and we call these things Bath Lilies.
carlos33666 years ago
great idea. Make sure you don't put too much weight on the shower head pipe. It might shear right off and then you will have a heck of a problem.
minimidget7 years ago
looks like a pain in the butt to get the bottles out though...
Ora7 years ago
MemoBall photos in this shower instructable? It's more likely than you think!
lol. thats kinda cool i guess :-p