Shower Valve Diverter Hack




Introduction: Shower Valve Diverter Hack

My wife has been complaining for a while about the diverter knob on the shower valve (the one that divert water from flowing to the bottom faucet, to go up the shower head). The design of this knob is awful because there's too little grip on the knob, and you have to pull it upwards to divert to shower and it automatically falls down to "faucet mode" eachtime the valves are closed, so we have to pull up again each time. It is extra difficult after soap/shampooing, it's almost impossible.
But her complaints are not mine, my death-finger-grip can handle it easy.. Then there's our son who cant switch it with or without soap, but one of us is almost always there when he's having his shower so it's not a problem and i didn't do anything.

I think my wife has a way to make me move to achieve her goals: A couple of days ago she said she wants to go and get a different kind of valve from the hardware store the following day. I didn't want to spend money and throw out a good valve, so i went and find these caps in my "might be useful someday" box. They are gel tube caps, has a nice shape and rounded edges, but you can use anything you find laying around. Made a nice hole to fit, unscrew the knob, slide in the cap on, screw back on, and Voila! Now even our son can switch that thing up... :)

Now she's complaining that i'd ruined her plan for "retail therapy" at the hardware store. It's a love-hate thing. :D

In short: we had trouble pulling up the diverted knob until this simple hack changes our life.. Just look and the pictures, and you'll get the picture. :)



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