Introduction: How to Install a Video Card.

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This instructable is made for the single purpose of educating my wife on how simple a video card is to install.

The first step is to open the side panel of the micro atx case.

I used my trusty home made led floodlight to inspect the case and work comfortably.

Step 1: Removing the Old Card.

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The old card is held by a metal tab that is locked in place by a single screw. The old card is very entry level.

Step 2: The New Card.

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The gtx 970 should provide good level gaming experience.

Step 3: Slotting in the New Card.

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The gtx 970 is a dual vent card. I had to remove a blank to allow the card ports to fit.
In the pcie slot, I made sure the locking tab was engaged when the card was slid into place.

Step 4: Power Connectors.

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The card needs both pcie 6 pin power ports connected to the atx supply. The card came with standard 4 pin molex adapters.

Step 5: Closing Up.

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The side panel goes back in and the holding screw is installed. With my custom version of Windows 8.1 x64, the pc is brand new and lightning fast. No more windows updates or boot up checks. It's now turn on, reach to desktop and work or play! Far less cpu and ram usage, this system won't ever be bogged down again by software!


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