Introduction: Shredded Barbeque Sandwiches

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This is an unbelievably easy delicious meal even if you can’t

It can be made with Pork or Beef roast or even Chicken breast

This recipe serves 4, but can easily be scaled up by doubling the ingredients and adding about an hour to cook time


Use about a 2lb roast (beef, pork or chicken breast)

1 bottle of your favorite barbeque sauce

Buns or sandwich rolls

Step 1: Cookin Time

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Pour ½ cup of barbeque sauce in the Crockpot

Place the 2 lbs of meat in the sauce

Cook on low setting for 6 hours

Step 2: Prepare the Sandwiches

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Remove the cooked meat from the pot
and shred it

Step 3: Make Your Sauce

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Add ½ cup of the remaining liquid from the crockpot to what is left of the bottled barbeque
sauce (this is for topping the sandwiches)

Step 4: Keep Warm

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Put the meat back into the
remaining liquid and stir till evenly coated

Step 5: Plate and Serve

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