Step 6: Deep Fried Won Tons

Picture of Deep Fried Won Tons

Since the salad is so creamy, and the only bit of texture in it comes from the red onions, I like to fry up some won ton sheets and use them as a serving vessel.  And now a days, every grocery store carries won ton sheets.  You can often find them in the produce section with the tofu.

Take a package of cold won tons (not frozen).  Slice at a diagonal so you get triangles.
Heat up some vegetable oil to about 350F.  
Once hot, fry won ton traingles.  These take less than 30 seconds to fry up if your oil is hot and ready. 

You can also serve this salad with dutch crunch rolls, or baguettes.  Get creative with it!  Like I said before, there really is no wrong way to do this.
mncannon4 years ago
this looks delicious!!!
angelabchua (author)  mncannon4 years ago
Thanks! It is incredibly tasty, and always goes quick.