Use as much as 9 everyday (conductive) objects (i.e. fruits, vegetable, tin foil) and make your own keypad, keyboard or game controller for Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) or any other game.

The ShrimpKey is a MakeyMakey-substitute which you can make for less than $10.
It's made of a Shrimp (shrimping.it) - an Arduino-substitute - and acts like a true keyboard (so no drivers needed to play with it).

Full detailed (photo) instructions can be found on my blog fromScratchEd.nl (in English and Dutch).

<p>The ShrimpKey is live! Awesome thing, thank you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/fromScratchEd" rel="nofollow">fromScratchEd!</a></p>
<p>I got a question, in order for this to work do you need power going to the Shrimp or can the usb going to the shrimpkey shield power the shrimp?</p>
<p>The ShrimpKey-shield powers the Shrimp. I've a new version of it. More inputs, mouse movements and many other improvements. If you follow me on Twitter (@fromScratchEd) you'll be notified when I'd time to update my blog ;-)</p>
<p>Great work!</p><p>I'd love to learn more about the new version! </p><p>:)</p>

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