Shrinkify My Old Audio Amp





Introduction: Shrinkify My Old Audio Amp

hello friends this is my first instructable, I was having an old casate player amp... as u can see it was big and havy...
and the casate player was also distroyed because i used its motor and parts in my other project...
So left behind was the havy chessy and the amp circuit in it...
So i decided to fit all that in a small case to save some space on my table and also done some modifications.

Step 1: Open It Up and Remove Useless Stuff

as you can see i have first removed the casate player whish was useless and distroyed...

Step 2: Unscrew the Circuit Board.

now i unscrewed all the circuit out of the chessy...

Step 3: Find the Old Radio Chessy.

the other small chessy that i used was from an old crancked radio...
then i removed everything from that radio box to make some space for the amp circuit.
And then carefully scrued the amp circuit into that radio box.... i also punched some extra holes for volume control etc.
Then i soldered the input cable from casate players head to the component audio in jacks...
and an AUX jack...for input..

Step 4: Final Product

this is how it looks like after fitting everything on place...

thanks. (^_^)..



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    NIce job! Have to love a space saver that doesn't cost you much money! Also well done on putting the amp back together, that was always my problem when messing with electronics. Thanks for sharing!

    Not bad, but a lot of the space in that old chassis (chessy!) is for airflow around the amp transistors that get hot...
    So watch out for signs of overheating ...

    yeah you are right, but to overcome this prob i have a small laptop fan that m gona put on it for cooling and air flow. i will update it later when m done with that.

    thanks for your comment.. (^_^)..