Shrinky Bottle Medallions





Introduction: Shrinky Bottle Medallions

My first post was Plastic Bottle Beads, and hopefully everyone who saw it liked them! But some nice kind person sends you that something extra to look at....well that I did! Along with the help of the PET bottle idea for making vases, and jewelry I had ago myself.
So here are my Shrinky Plastic Bottle Medallions. I didn't use the things you were suppose to but used my good old trusty heat gun! And some colour.
Hope you like them.



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    I do not have a heat gun. would a hair drier work? nice Instructable! ;)

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    No but some heat gun are very cheap....and have loads of uses! A hairdryer does get hot enough and blows stuff away! Splash out and buy a heat gun! You can melt loads of stuff! Give my plastic bottle beads a look to! I melted my camera this week-end! Didn't means to but thats life? Now what can I make from a melted camera? (Thinking :oD)

    you can pop it apart n use gears and the like to do steampunky stuffs. though i hate ur camera got messed up

    A hair drier wont work, but you could bo something similar by heating your oven/toaster oven to about 350 degrees an laying a piece of plain paper on a cookie sheet. Place your plastic pieces on the paper and then lay down another piece of paper on top of them and then weight them with something heavy and oven tolerant. (Maybe a glass casserole dish?) Bake them for about 5 minutes and check. If they haven't shrunken very much and are still easily bendable like before put them in for another few minutes. Hope that helps!!


    My heat gun has many more uses besides making plastic bottle beads!I use it for embossing and drying pva glue. Here is another 1 of my things I did with plastic bottles (hope the link works) And I used it for records 2 cos you can use it outside and far cheeper than messing up your over!(If that matters!!Which I think it does!!!)I have to cook mt tea in mine!!!

    I totally agree, (but I've never had it ruin my oven) and I use a heat gun for lots of these 'ibles, but I was merely trying to suggest an alternative. A heat gun is def the way to go if it's at all possible to get one!!


    I got my heat gun to save my oven and every1 in the house was going on about the stinky stuff I was doing! I also use my iron for other stuff because I don't iron (unless I have to!a quick five mnuite in thedryer and then folding them does it 4 me!And you can do more than 1 thing at a time!)I use my iron (what color is it now :o) ) for fusing plastic bags 2gether and sealing laminating sheets 2gether!Cos I don't like to mention my laminator that I had for a week after some of the stuff I tried to squeeze thou it!

    Using a toaster oven may work as well. We use the clamshells that berries come in to do similar things and use a toaster oven to 'roast' the little jewels. Just put 'em on parchment paper on a small cookie sheet. Cheers!


    lol these are so cool, we go thorugh so many plastic bottles in our studio, this could be a great way to harvest them for something cool. lol i even like the way to set up the instructions in the photos, nicely done!

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    Have you seen my plastic bottle beads?Also on indestructible' s?I f not take a peek at them 2!Another G8 way to use up a stash of stuff! Love and Peace Cath


    Cheers thanks loads!