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Introduction: Shrinky Dink Bat Necklaces

This is how you use #6 plastic to make a Bat Necklace. You can make any kind of hard plastic dodad using this method. You will need:

Sharpie Markers
#6 Plastic (you can get free 'to go' containers from places, or your strawberry containers work too)
Baking pan

Step 1: 1. Cut Out the Bottom of the Plastic Container

Take your scissors and cut out the flat part of your plastic container.

Step 2: 2. Draw or Trace Your Bat

Take a sharpie and draw a bat on the plastic, or place the plastic over a bat picture to trace.

Step 3: 3. Cut Out Bats

Use scissors to cut out the bats and cut holes in them if you are making necklaces. Arrange them on your glass pan.

Step 4: 4. Into the Oven

Bake the bats at 325 until they are small and hard and black. At first, they will curl, but eventually they will flatten out. Around 10 minutes is what it takes. Be sure to put face up the side you colored, otherwise it will stain your pan.

This image shows a shrunken bat.



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    How do you keep the plastic from sticking to the pan?

    1 reply

    I've used foil.  No coating necessary, just protecting the teflon pan I use.  We use a spatula to remove the item when it is hot and smash it flat on a corian cutting board.  It cools in seconds so you have to work fast.

    i'm not sure. I have only tried it with #6 plastic.

    Yes. Those are actual pictures from our actual attempt at making the necklaces. No photoshop tricks!

    A cute idea and so easy. Great!