This is a guide to making shrinky dinks and using doming resin to turning the shrinkies into earrings and brooches. 

There are two types of Shrink Film to choose from; the one your print on (with your inkjet) and the one you draw on (with permanent markers and colouring pencils).  I use Shrink Plastic to make jewellery and other cute little things.  Shrinkies are a lot of fun for all ages (help kids with the oven, though) and are only limited by your imagination!

What I love about working with Shrink Plastic is that anyone can do it.  No matter how terrible you are at drawing the end result is quite cute. This guide will also show you how to utilise Doming Resin to make your pieces look better and last longer.

Don't forget to read the comments on the images as I like to explain what is happening in each photo.

Step 1: Resources

  • Shrink film. The print on one can also be drawn on. If you want to do both you can buy the printable one and draw on the offcuts.  I use Grafix brand.  If you use a different brand you will need to work on getting the shrink process right as they all perform differently.
  • Scissors
  • Baking Paper
  • Oven
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Permanent Markers
  • Inkjet printer
  • Doming Resin (I use Ice Resin as it measures itself).

You can find info on the shrink plastic I use in the below link, it is by a US company



In Australia you can source it here

Ink Jet http://www.polymerclay.com.au/ijspwgrafixinkjetshrinkplasticwhite-p-5338.html

Draw on http://www.polymerclay.com.au/gsfwhgrafixshrinkplasticwhite-p-10788.html



I can not explain to you how helpful this was for me, the comment section as well. I never realized that wax paper would leave a film on the shrinky dinks.
<p>I shrink mine on wax paper...it sometimes leaves a film over the back after shrinking...anything I can use to polish the film off?</p>
<p>shrink them on brown paper... i use the bags they give at the grocery store, you know the paper or plastic question, and i just cut them up. they dont leave a film or anything, you just got to make sure that you lay it flat about 4 secs after it comes out of the over so it can be flat when it dries.</p>
Bought those markers today!
Good luck with your Shrinky making! <br>
Very interesting.
You should make this instructable more about jewelry made with this technique and add an intro image that shows your jewelry ready, this way it will attract more people :) <br>Your project is really good and interesting, I bet that it will be perfect if you make just a few changes in the intro!

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