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Introduction: Shrinky Sculpture

So, I'm working on stuff for my son's Digimon party, making shrinky dink keychains and necklaces, and by the time I'm done cutting them all out, I have a pretty good pile of scraps.

Shrinky dink paper is not cheap, so it pains me to even consider throwing the scraps away. But the scraps are such weird dimensions that they can't really be used for much, so I decided to just arrange a pile a see what happens.

It turned out pretty cool. A nice, little, interesting, artistic sculpture.

Step 1: Gather Scraps

Gather some interesting looking scraps

Step 2: Arrange

Prepare a cookie sheet to bake it on.

You can cover it with tin foil or a brown paper bag or wax paper

Arrange your sculpture on the cookie sheet

When it shrinks, it will curl and thus fall over, but you may get lucky and end up with something standing if you arrange something like this.

Preheat your oven to 300

Step 3: Shrink

Pop it in the oven and watch it shrink

You can manipulate it while it is hot for just a few seconds, so you can tweak it how you like.

If it gets too hard to move, pop it back in to warm it up and you can tweak it more.

Step 4: Admire

The fun part is figuring out how to orient it.

There are so many possibilities. You can turn it this way one day, and that way the next. It is a very versatile piece of art you know. :p



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    I like these. Stick some led's in there, and you'll have a post modern mini lamp.

    thank you! And very good idea. It would be pretty cool to have light sensitive ones to turn on when the lights go out, and color changing too :)