Picture of Shrub (Bush, Plant) costume
Pretty simple really, my son had an idea to make a bush costume and this is how we did it.
It turned out pretty cool.
Everyone who saw him out trick or treating in it was taking pictures of the costume.
We threw this together in less than 2 hours on Halloween morning.

Step 1: Flower pot

Picture of Flower pot
First, get a big plastic flower pot. 
We got a 20" one from the Home Cheapo for $14.99.
There was a removable bottom piece that holds the water.
Take that off and cut a hole in the bottom.
I used a jigsaw.

Next I used some electric service cable clamps that I had lying around for suspender supports.
I clamped these in a vise and hammered them over to create a loop to fit a piece of rope that we used for the suspenders.
I screwed the clamps to the inside of the pot, near the top, with 3/4" #10 machine screws, washers and nuts.

2 pieces of rope create the 2 suspender straps and a 3rd smaller piece holds them together so they don't slide off your shoulders.
eoz dralla2 years ago
Lol the home chepo
gumcrazy2 years ago
Brilliant! I might make one myself.
randofo4 years ago
There is a guy here in S.F. who makes his living pretending to be a bush and scaring tourists.
There was a Bush in Washington D.C. who makes his living pretending to be a president and scaring citizens.
i read that wikipedia thing. wow. you'd think he'd run out of people to scare
LOL He also scared the economy so badly it hasn't come out of hiding yet.
and watch out for dogs that mistake the planter for a tree.
clibanarius3 years ago
My son and I made this costume for a Halloween contest at his school and my 30 days of instructables personal challenge. It landed him third place (he was robbed!). It was looking pretty tattered by the end of the day, which was the first chance I had to photograph it, as did several parents of other trick-or-treaters. Brilliantly original idea; thanks for posting it!
It looks nice.  And not too expensive. 

The Knights who say "Ni" would be impressed. 
Finally, a fellow Monty Python lover! Internet high-five!!!
Yes!!! Not sure if the Knights are still out there, lurking in some primeval forest somewhere, or even they still say "ni", or some other word, but I'm sure if they are out there, their lust for shrubberies continues, and will probably never be sated.
Can a lust for shrubberies ever be sated? Is there a 12 step program?
I don't know if there is or not.  I've also heard of something called "hooked on phonics", and I don't know if there's help for that either, but I do know this:  I know how many psychologists it takes to change a light bulb.

The answer:  just one, but the light bulb has to want to change.
haha yes they sure would
Reminds me of when my best friend and I went as a table and chair for Halloween.
We made this. And Everyone LOVED it! We used pine garland it looked pretty full and it was a hit! Thanks for this idea. We even got a large enough bucket (used the bucket with the rope handles) and it was great, it made him able to crouch down inside.. Got a great pic of him sitting with the neighbors shrubs.. too funny. Thanks for the idea!
marple200 (author)  dsammut-bryan3 years ago
I'm glad it worked out well.
I'm thinking a lighted Christmas tree would be awesome as well.
notalis19703 years ago
I LOVE it! It's hilarious, original and easy...perfect...even tho no one here in Italy really does Halloween, I might just make myself one to walk around town or go to the market. Thumbs up!!!
improyo3 years ago
Great idea. but how do you attatch the branches to the chicken wire
marple200 (author)  improyo3 years ago
Secured them with thin wire. We used the green stuff that is used for floral arrangements, however, any thin wire would do.
HA! that's funny. I like it.
aje1274 years ago
jabronie254 years ago
Haha really funny costume
next year i hunt as a shrub
applecake4 years ago
cool! My cousin and i were plants for halloween to, but our costumes were a little different.
mary candy4 years ago
featured lol
Brumzzz4 years ago
Aww. A Monty Python comment has already been made... Nice 'ible though =P
Pandroe4 years ago
ROFL! Good one dad!