Step 2: Carving the Head

Use your knife to carve a face into your apple. Make it as shrunken headish as possible.
<p>Thanks for the great class. I actually made a short comedy/horror film about apple head dolls, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG0Bu0x2IJg</p>
this is so neat! i was hoping to find a cool halloween project to do with some kids i care for, this looks just perfect.
do you think that it is ok if I let my apple in the salt and lemon solution for like 3 days?
that sounds like it might even make it more wrinkly. i think it will work well; let me know how it turns out.
Here is my shrunken apple head (very squishy)
looks good. might want to bake it more if it is squishy.
oh my gosh! I totally forgot the baking part! I will have to do that!
haha that might help.
I love this! I will definetly try this for Halloween!
This could be a fun project for most kids. <br /> <br /> What temperature should the oven be when I bake the apple?&nbsp;<br /> <br />
i baked it at 350, but you can heat it up more to cook it faster.
Nice, on the boat to Tasmania from Mainland Australia they have a souvenir shop, and I've always wondered how they do that! Thanks!<br />
no problem!

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