Picture of Shrunken Heads Lapel Pin for Father's Day!
fathers day shrinky dink shrink art tie tack custom shrunken heads kids project craft (2).JPG
Here's a simple and fun Father's day project for the kids to do.
And this is my 50th Instructable, so I feel like a little CELEBRATION!!!

Shrunken Heads lapel Pin (necklace, earrings keychain or magnets!)
Hilarious little heads turned into quirky jewelry!  :)

You'll need some excited kids or you'll need to be really excited yourself!
(I'll admit, I was so excited, the kids didn't get to help at all...they just watched them bake in the oven...)

Other supplies:
Shrink plastic
photos/editing software
baking sheet
Your choice of: pin back, lapel pin, jump ring, keychain, magnets, earring hooks...etc.

Step 1: Head Shot!

Picture of Head Shot!
fathers day shrinky dink shrink art tie tack custom shrunken heads kids project craft (7).JPG
First we got some headshots of each of the kids. 
We used photoshop and the lasso tool to select just the heads. 
You could use free software like pixlr.

Create a page that is the same size as your shrink plastic and arrange the heads accordingly.
I overlapped my 3 kiddo's heads for the lapel pin.

Lay-Cat2 years ago
Cool idea but I was scared by the title it reminded me of the shrunken head that those voodoo magicians made...scaryyyy.but real cute
DTninjagirl2 years ago
cute idea
HollyMann2 years ago
Cute! As a kid my friend and her mom and I did a project - using regular wrappers (candy, chip bags, etc.) to draw on with perm. marker than shrink down - it was fun! Is shrink plastic different from the shrinky dink stuff?
doodlecraft (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
I think any plastic labeled with a #6 printed on them will shrink in the oven. Lots of take-out containers and stuff from grocery stores are in #6...you'll have to be on the look out through your plastics...you probably have some that will work! :) I've never used wrappers though...I'll have to give that a go! :)
Thank you! That's good to know!!!