Oh Noes! Your favorite knit sweater, shrunken by the forces of heat and water combined! Never you mind, as you can still wrap its loving arms around you with the cunning aid of RECYCLING!

Ok, so this tutorial describes how to turn a regular unshrunk wool sweater into a nifty backpack with some purposeful alterations, but the same principle can be used to reappropriate your tiny knits.

You're going to need:
  • An industrial zipper. You can pick these up in some fabric supply stores, you might also consider going to a car upholstery shop (as I did) and finding out where they get their zippers.
  • A 100% wool sweater. I found two for three bucks each at the local Salvation Army.
  • A washing machine. You're going to need to tumble this in the washing machine on hot, with a little dish detergent added to get it to felt. Some tutorials I've read recommended putting it inside of a pillow case to prevent fuzz from clogging up your washer.
  • A sewing machine with thread to match or accent your sweater.
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zaid.bro8 months ago

cant get any better than that...nice work :)

MonkiMan8 months ago

bonus points for super smexy firetruck photos ;D

OmegaCyanide8 months ago
I'm in love with this!
ekiessling8 months ago
Aahhh guys!!! This is the best instructable ever!!!! So epic!!!! I really like seeing guys sew as well. Altogether amazing and I am freaking making one of these asap!!!!
watchmeflyy8 months ago

Wow; clever..! ^^

chunnygoat8 months ago
I love this off to the thrift store
pie201020118 months ago
You look like Chris Pratt
Wow this is awesome
Have you tried it with a shirt I wonder how it will turn out
anibioman4 years ago
this is awesome i gotta find a sweater
ali2084 years ago
Cool I've seen tshirts turning to to bags but not a sweater... Oh and who doesn't love a guy that sews!
Love it!  "Mr.Fire Truck" isn't too shabby either ;0)
joye686 years ago
Nice job. I've never had to worry about my washer creating a permanent crease in my wool after a spin cycle. It may very well depend on the washer. (mine is NOT one of those newfangle HE ones). I usually boil my wools when I get a bunch of them of like colors together then pour them into the washer and add more Dawn. Then I let it run through. I do highly recommend that you stick them in a pillow case to catch the wool bits before you begin boiling them. I really like this one. It'll be good to work with my niece on this project who has moderate sewing experience.
kimland6 years ago
pure genius!
zoxx7 years ago
cute! and I'm not just talking about the backpack _
Rob K7 years ago
Didn't know wool shrunk that much.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Cool My favorite word starts with f and ends with uck -firetruck what did you think I was going to say?
lol thats .... cool xD. no rly this is neat, i like the idea!
Nice job! Look at you Mr. Firetruck, you're bad! Hahahaha, nice job! :-)