Shut Yer Pie-Hole! Nail Art Tutorial





Introduction: Shut Yer Pie-Hole! Nail Art Tutorial

Things you'll need:

• Pie filling colored nail polish (I used American Apparel Port for Cherry/Berry)

• Pie crust colored nail polish (I used Essie Bags to Riches)

 • Neutral Beige colored nail polish (I used American Apparel California Trooper)

• Rust colored nail polish (I used H&M Rust)

• Dark red-brown colored nail polish (I used Barielle Coco Bar)

• Fast-drying top coat (I used Seche Vite)

• Matte top coat (I used Essie Matte About You)

• nail art brush

• sponge

• flat stiff-bristled brush

• nail polish remover (I find that acetone works best for this)

1. Paint your nails the desired color - if you want to do all lattice nails, paint them all filling colored, and if you want to do normal pie crust nails- paint them with the pie crust color.

2. For lattice nails:  paint the lattice design using your neutral beige, then go over it with the pie crust color.

    For normal pie nails: paint the slits in the top of the pie with the pie filling color.

3. Mix your pie crust color and your rust color to make a golden tan.

4. For lattice nails: use your dark reddish-brown to mark out where the crust is going to weave and overlap. This will be a guide when you start to shade.

5. For lattice nails: use your new golden brown mixture to paint over the top of the crust- it doesn't have to be perfect, its supposed to give it a textured look.

     For normal pie nails: use your new golden brown mixture to loosely outline the cutouts, then dab sporadically around the top of the crust.

6. Mix some of the dark red-brown into your golden brown mixture to create an even darker golden brown.

7. For lattice nails: take the darker golden brown mix and start brushing it away from the lines that you created for the weave. This will give an illusion of shadow, and make it more dimensional.

     For normal pie nails: again, sporadically dab this over the top of the crust- you want it to have a textured, dimensional look.

8. For lattice nails: take a little more of  your darker brown and use to shadow a bit more, taking care not to make it too dark - no one likes burnt pie! :-P

     For normal pie nails: take some of the rust color, and lightly outline the cutouts

9. Seal the nail art with your fast-drying top coat.

10. After it is dry, sponge on some of your matte top coat to give a matte, but textured look.

11. Use some of your fast-drying top coat to paint over where any pie filling shows through- pie filling is glossy, right?!

12. Use your flat, stiff-bristled brush with some acetone to remove any paint that got on the skin surrounding the nail.

13. Stick a fork in you, you're done! :)



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    do you do zebra if so check out my zebra themed nail art contest and its awsome prize.
    look up zebra nail art contest on fourm topics

    You. Are. Truly. Amazing! I couldn't do this if I tried with all of my living soul. I thought you used pie stickers, but no, you illustrated pies on to your nails. I dare you to try to make Dr. Seuss nails for my friend who loves Dr. Seuss with a passion. She loves nail work of all kinds and this would be the coolest thing ever if you did exactly that.

    hmmm i Like this way to draw my nails,that's very nice Good Luck ^_^

    There are SO many clever people in the world! I never would have thought up this idea in a million years. You are really good with nail art- I couldn't draw a smiley face on my nails ( oh well, wouldn't stay on long any way).

    :-P ha ha I'm always thinking of weird stuff to put on my nails - I even did Pimples once! :)

    Thank you!