Wanna prank your friends? Look here!
when putting the location all you have to put is "shutdown" i have been doing this a long time and i never put anything after that, fyi
umm hey guys i tried the shutdown pranks but my bro has put loads of restrictions on my user do u fink u could find a way round it if yes post a reply
download hyrins boot and put it on a disc... u can get passed every pasword
thanks mate. too bad it was 2 years late :L
lol o well
i tried that on my freind! lol lolololololol
Jeez. Add it to the "Startup" folder in the program files and it shuts the computer down every time you boot it up. Even better, huh.
I found a way that you can get the new one on xp you just go to propertys on the in Internet Explorer the start menu the click on cange icon the sorce of the icon symbol is shown copy that and then close the window go to propertys on the one you created then change icon pase it in the area then click ok click the disired logo then aply looks more ligit
funny cause my sister kept clicking on it and it kept shutting down
i use ms-dos to do this prank<br/>1. right click&gt;new&gt;text document<br/>2. past this in the document:<br/>shutdown -s -t 60 -c &quot;Error encountered.&quot;<br/>ping -n 30 -w 1000<br/>shutdown -a<br/>start iexplore<br/><br/>3. save as whatever.bat (the document can be named anything you want you just need it to be a <strong>.bat</strong> file)<br/>4. make the shortcut and save.<br/><br/><strong>NOTE: </strong>IT TAKES 1MIN. FOR IT TO GO AWAY AND LOAD INTERNET EXPLORER.<br/>
lol urs just shut down my computer lol... it was kinda lame because i tried to override it manualy but it didnt work lol welp, thanks i suppose :O
okay.. talking to myself but i fixed it and made it better... after the pinging (that i switched to the ip adress of google.com) i put a serch to find the way.. more convincing ;) here it is: echo off shutdown -s -t 90 -c "Error encountered." ping -n 30 -w 1000 tracert google.com shutdown -a start iexplore very funny :) im gona try on a friend
oh wait... was the pinging set to a limit so it would time out just before the 60 seconds? I changed it to 10 seconds because I dont have much time lol
I guess it's a good instructable, but it probably won't work in schools, because the IT guys disable it.<br/><br/>You can also edit the commands to display a message to the user. and its better to allow the user some time before shutdown incase of work loss.<br/><br/>Just go to start, run, type cmd, and then type shutdown.<br/>You can see all the commands available.<br/><br/>Then just insert the commands into the launch area.<br/><br/>*lol@ the error* You had two IE icons on the desktop.<br/>Silly.<br/><br/>Adam.<br/>

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