Picture of Shutdown a Computor Remotley (the real way)
This is instructable will show you how to shutdown a computer (from your own) remotely. there is no need to send a file sneak on their computer or have any contact with them. This requires little or no DOS skills although it will help if you are 1337

Step 1: Find their computor name

Picture of Find their computor name
first type "net view"
next find you target in the list (by the way the target needs to be on your network)
congratz you've found your target.

by the way its also easier if u can sneak a peek at their computer for a minute. if you can click start right click my computer click properties then go to computer name. but thats only if theres alot of computers like in an office or a school.

I have an laptop with windows 7 ultimate and i tryed to shutdown that laptop with my other laptop with windows 8.1 with bing.

I get "acces denied {5}"

How to fix this?

Bugs like that has of course been fixed in more recent versions of Windows. Short answer: You can't.

How do I do this on linux?

first download samba common:

1: sudo apt-get install samba-common

2: sudo apt-get install samba-common-bin

now you can shutdown windows pcs remotely:

net rpc shutdown (-f, -s, -t, -c,..) -I IPADDRESS -U USERNAME%PASSWORD


@echo off
((Code here that shuts down all other computers on the network))
Goto A
how do i get admin rights so i can do my hacking at school
My code:

@echo off
TITLE Tracer V 3.1
color 02
set /a tries=3
echo ----------------------
echo you have %tries% attempts left.
echo Enter Password
echo ----------------------
set /p pass=
if %pass%==%password% (
goto c
set /a tries=%tries -1
if %tries%==0 (
goto p
echo Password is correct
echo Who would you like to trace?
set /p A=
tracert %A%
echo Would you like to shut someone down? (y/n)
set /p y=
goto %y%
echo Who would you like to shutdown?
set /p B=
echo What do you want to say to them?
set /p c=
shutdown -m \\%B% -s -t 60 -c %c%
echo do you want to abort? (Y/N)
set /p d=
goto %d%
shutdown -a -m \\%B%
echo Where do you want to go?
echo (M)enu
echo (E)xit
set /p o=
goto %o%
Pause > nul
echo Your not %name%!
pause > nul
echo Shutdown Initializing!
shutdown -s -t 30 -c Shutdown In 30 Seconds

Warning: the first IP address is yours

fromdev3 years ago
Awsome, this shows a list of computers for many people. I did not try shutdown though, I guess it will work. but may not be taken well here :) ....must be good fun for college labs :)
zsimovic3 years ago
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how do you do this on a mac
You can't. Mac's aren't this unstable or unprotected. Mac's rule!
you can but Mac is just an annoying language to learn, its easier on pc's haha
Erm, Mac isn't a language...
well Mac's shell, or the Mac version of batch, same with Linux, ya know what i mean : )
Actually a Mac is just NetBSD (Which is a UNIX clone published under the MIT License, and allows commercial modifications (unlike Linux which is under GNU licence) however the command is the same as all other unix systems and can be done remotely.

sudo shutdown -h now

However you will still need to know the users password or the administrator password same as any unix machine.
If you're talking about Terminal, then, yes, there's a shutdown command, but it can't be operated remotely. Once again, Mac's rule.
actually the entire root systems of a mac are almost impossible to understand once the user gets into the deep dark parts of the system
*wouldn't be surprised*
I actually need to get some sort of Terminal emulator to practice.
wish i could but im running a pc....*under breath* damit
PC can run Virtual Box so I think you'll be fine ;)
Linux beats all
Windows is better.  Practical, useful, and reasonably priced (not like Macs).

The best part:  you can hack, prank, or drive someone crazy with them!!!
Yes, Windows is probably the most useful because it's the easiest to use (imo).
Don't know if i would call that the best part haha, but Windows shell was written so you can do anything with it, same with Linux, but Windows, again, is easier to read (again, imo) so more crackers (not a racial slur,, google it.) write their malicious software to run on Windows computers. Also more people use Windows computers and all the defaults in it, so the crackers just infect more people easily. Although i noticed that in Vista Telnet is disabled by default.. probably the only good thing about Vista...
This is true. *Linuxhigh5*
HF TMM iTraceur4 years ago
iTraceur, please read this: http://www.forbes.com/free_forbes/2010/0412/technology-apple-hackers-charlie-miller.html?partner=yahoomag.

Please don't be so arrogant about the over-glorified Apple OS's. Take time to consider other OS's and their perks (every OS has its strengths and weaknesses). I do mean this in a nice way: the ONLY reason macs aren't exploited out of existence is because they aren't a big target for hackers. In fact, and I qoute, "The reasoning: Cybercriminals don't bother to target Macs because their 8% U.S. market share is too low to make them profitable targets.", from the link I provided. Pompous mac users generally piss hackers of all kinds off because they claim to have a nearly unbreakable system that is so complex, even the best have trouble hacking it. The truth is, at the roots of all mack OS's is a *nix based kernel which is known by every legitimate hacker world-wide. Again, just trying to make a point.
techman9 HF TMM4 years ago
Amen Thank u very much sir
HF TMM techman94 years ago
You're very welcom :) I just get so pissed when Mac fanboys think that stieve jobs is the cyber god and they are his loyal subjects. It's pathetic, saying things like "macs rule!" and "macs aren't this unstable or this unprotected" on a post obviously geared towards wanna be hackers (I don't mean condescendingly). Did he not expect someone who knows what they're talking about to sit him down? Have fun ruling that huge 8% market share.. woo hoo!
Here's how to do it on a Mac. Yes iTraceur, a Mac, this must kill you: http://www.macworld.com/article/54317/2006/12/remoteshut.html
~KnexBuild~3 years ago
mine says:
Access Denied
Failed: IP Name
jacobdaniel3 years ago
thats not the real way
mmarbut3 years ago
somehow I don't trust a guy that spells computer wrong.
reynokawa4 years ago
sir i think it will not work on a pc that are not connected to active directory that was so noob the solution for access denied is you have administrator security policies on window server 2008 rc, or any windows server

Try to by pass this using Remote Administrative Tools (RAT)

or else it will RAT your PC ! ^_^
Zachintosh4 years ago
for me it said access denied. what do I do?
kwebber3214 years ago
what if CMD is disabled?
toogers5 years ago
could i use this to send messages? if so, please tell me the script.
thanks, toogers.
net send

for example

net send \SA432174 "Hey man"

that only works on xp
vista and 7 removed "send" from the net list

on vista + use msg so....

msg 10.2.5 "hey, u there mate?"
linux is just:

$ sudo poweroff
$ sudo shutdown -h now
HF TMM4 years ago
Oh and another thing, you must be an admin or be able to run a cmd as admin in order to do this. I'm surprised this wasn't included in the tut. If you're an admin but still can't do it, make sure you're running cmd as admin (in right click menu). So no Jo Shmo can just wip out a cmd and shut down some guys pc... Cough coughiTraceurCough cough...
N!X6 years ago
When I checked my net view, My CMD said the following.


The only thing that I can do really do regarding computers is create batch files. I've just started to learn how to do this kind of thing, so would highly appreciate it if you or anyone else could help me out a little.

Hmm... Is this done at school or home? if home: Check how you've set up your network. If at school: Your school's server administrator (or equivilent thereof) has probably disabled this, and there is no remote way of enabling it that I know of...
when i do this at school it says no entries in list when infact there are four computers on one station.
vlancSoft4 years ago
i tried shutting down my friends computer by typing "shutdown -i" and then typing his ip address on the dialog box and i get an error message "Access Denied" am i forgetting something?
it needs to be running cmd as an admin
I made a batch file that I disguised as a program of sorts, like IE or somethin like that... when clicked, the code it executes is:
@echo off
shutdown -s -t 1 (for anyone who doesnt know the syntax, this makes it shut down their own machine in 1 second delay, no warning)
xzavier74106 years ago
I am having a problem trying to do this i keep getting a message about access denied and i am the adminstrator. Any suggestions also i am using vista.
if you have some weird computer name that starts with '\\' don't type the two slashes. Just the computer name. I had the same problem... If that doesn't work... then your DOS is screwed
dugie5 years ago
my computer says "The network path was not found" what is the problem? pls guide me thanks in advance..
does anyone still refer to this? i got this error when i tried this the first time: *******: The entered computer name is not valid or remote shutdown is not supported on the target computer. Check the name and then try again or contact y our system administrator.(53) then the second time: *******: Failed to connect to registry. <10060> can someone help me?
Red Com7 years ago
if your going to do this, be sure that you dont give them enough time to type in an abort shutdown command.
iKill (author)  Red Com7 years ago
lol no one in my school would ever know how to do that
true, my school, about three people know how 2 do tht: me my geek mate nd a friend im teaching io hack
I have one hacking apprentice. But he is still a young padawan. Everyone I know knows that I am t3h 1337 h4x0r.
Karsdi6 years ago
Is there any way to trace this? I mean, find out who shut down your computer?
J-Manoo7 Karsdi5 years ago
Usually when computers are shutdown using this method it shows the computer name of the sender. Hope that answers your question.
J-Manoo7 Karsdi6 years ago
i dunno but thats a good question
best shutdown prank........................ it really shuts the PC down!
admiral0015 years ago
i try this and get access denied. I'm on a wireless network, but i'm the owner/operator of it. I just want to mess with my friend/neighbor who is also on my network. Neither of us have an admin password on. plz help
Oh yeah!
matstermind5 years ago
how do i find out the name of the other computer?
J-Manoo76 years ago
i've made i file in my doc's and shortcut(ted) it to my Desktop with a short key of Ctrl + Alt + A (for abort) so if it ever happens i can abort very quickly by just pressing the keys. great instructable!
damasta7 years ago
note, your admin pw must be the same as the one on the other computer no pass doesn't count if you want to make a batch script or can't choose from computers you can use shutdown -s -m \\computername -t time -c "message" -s means it will shut down -m means you shut down another computer then your own -t is obvious (the amount of time in seconds) -c is the message you want to send also, if you suspect others from shutting you down (like if you see a "you will be shutted down" message) greate a batch file containing shutdown -a this stops the shutting down
qwertos damasta7 years ago
if you really want to be mean...:
shutdown -s -m * -t time -c "comment"
cyrozap qwertos6 years ago
damasta cyrozap6 years ago
your own computer shuts down too so people don't get suspicious
oh really? i thought if you used the -m switch with * it would shutdown everyone else's computer.. are you sure (before i try this haha)?
cyrozap damasta6 years ago
YES! I will SO try this at my school.
i get the 'network path was not found' error help ?
coolwhip7 years ago
is there a way to do this to computers tht arent in your lan
No. That would be a serious security flaw.
bmer_convrt7 years ago
I can view the computers on my network using "net view" but when i try to use the shutdown dialog or the batch script I get an error saying that the network path was not found. I attached an image of what I see when the error occurs
I see what the problem is. You didn't type the shutdown command and you typed the computer's name wrong. Caps DO matter when it comes to that. Also, set -t to 1, so the person can read it. Here is an example: shutdown -s -m \\ROAM172-125 -t 1 -c "Error" Type it in EXACTLY like that.
On my PC it says "Access is denied. Failed : BOB-PC" What does it mean??
coolwhip7 years ago
when hit okay cmd promt tells me tht access is denied to tht computer
Thats the same problem i'm getting. I'm the system administrator and the network owner. granted its a private network with different personal comps. is there a way to get around the different passwords? its my friends' comps and i just want to mess with them, not harmful
You need a special batch file to access CMD without Admin privileges. The batch file can be created using Notepad. I don't know about you, but at my school, they've removed Notepad from the accessories menu, so I just press (windows logo) + r and type notepad.exe. The .exe is not necessary, as Notepad is a windows component, though. Then type: @echo off start command Save it as a .BAT file, and run it.
iKill (author)  coolwhip7 years ago
idk why that is but alot of people have said it
coolwhip iKill7 years ago
ya idk maybe its like firewalls or somthing like tht
coolz coolwhip7 years ago
firewalls are for network-to-internet connections
Corpy6 years ago
HAHAAA i got lot's of laught when i do'ed it :D hahaaa WTF is going on with that s*it'i mashine !!!??? hahaaaa thx dude :D
bakenbitz7 years ago
At my school, you can just search the computer for "shutdown" and a program will pop up that has a list of every online computer in the school. You can then click any you want and shut them down. My friend would always do it to the lunchroom computers right before we had lunch, when we would get down to the cafeteria, they would all be freaking out because on the computer screen it said "GOD HATES YOU, YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS". After that, people would be able to get free lunch because the computers weren't booting up fast enough.
zimster427 years ago
my only problem is my dad just had to be a network geek....this is totally anon, right?
zimster427 years ago
lolz i wish i had read this a few months ago....this is senior prank material!!!
Hey I did this and it said access denied but that is not the point every time i type: shtudown -i it says you have been hacked and then shutdowns my computer. what happened?
apples!!!!!7 years ago
the most pleasing part is when you do it in an office or school computor lab and you hear "What the F***" thats absolutely hilarious, now i have to try this
iKill (author)  apples!!!!!7 years ago
yup that what happens... unfortunately schools out now, but i can honestly say i shut down a good 300-500 computers this year, i actually had the techs scratching their heads, i actually convinced them it was because the computers were spontaneously updating and then shutdown so the settings can take effect.
I know thi sone kid in my s.s. class im so gonna get him back im gonna pretnd to be the fbi then say the computer will self destruct lol
We all know that Windows isn't exactly known for security, but please tell me that it isn't *that* easy.
iKill (author)  LevLiveDotCom7 years ago
indeed it is
marc927 years ago
I got access denied too. Can you help?
Try going to run, and type, "services.msc" (without quotation marks) and then look for where it says "Messesnger". right click that and do Properties. Now on the drop-down menu choose "Automatic". And press "apply", and then start. (The start that is in the properties window). Now try sending it again. But careful, I got in huge trouble with this.
Would you mind elaborating on the results of what this does and the trouble it caused? Or are you just warning of the trouble that is to be had from remotely shutting down other computers?
damasta marc927 years ago
shadow isn't repying so I'll explain the messenger service allows you to send/recieve netsend and shutdown messages, the trouble is probably getting shut down yourself, getting messenger spam or getting caught by the sysadmin
sparkdex7 years ago
when i try it it comes up as "network path was not found". i used ip and name of comp and they are both on the same network (my network) help?
iKill (author)  sparkdex7 years ago
well theres a few reasons this could happen -the computer's internet may be down -your not running sp2 (although i think it works for most SP's) -you typed the name and or ip wrong <- unlikely -or you may be wrong about the fact that they are on your network (many businesses run multiple networks to keep speeds up) -if none of these are the reason you have to keep in mind your using DOS a very touchy system which isnt perfect
All i can do is Net users. I can't choosea computer.
iKill (author)  HardCoreHacker7 years ago
u have to copy the computer name from the net view thing into the add computers window in the shutdown -i dialog
My computer will not accept net view as an internal or external command. I have a Vista by the way.
BrianKT7 years ago
The bad thing about this is that you have to be part of their network. My Instructable, you can do that to anybody, part of your network or not.
iKill (author)  BrianKT7 years ago
ya but that have to download the file most people wont do that in school. and even if u dont have to download it they still have to access their emails, and/or use outlook.
Mixelplix7 years ago
XP Service pack 2 made it so this command (along with netsend, ect) not work by default. You would need access to the target machine beforehand, and start the correct services.
iKill (author)  Mixelplix7 years ago
no this works fine of sp2 i do it on every computer at school
Scammah7 years ago
i keep getting access is denied any idea why?