Picture of Shutter Upcycled (repurposed) into Magazine Rack
Shutters or bi-fold doors are easily found at the curb or thrift stores.  This project was made from a bi-fold door that I cut in half.

Step 1: Remove every other slat

Picture of Remove every other slat
You will need to remove every other slat. You can do this by using a claw hammer to break the slat you're removing. I used my Dremel Max to flush cut every other slat.
dadean043 years ago
Love it! Unfortunately, I just gave away my old shutters ;(
Loopstyle3 years ago
Awesome idea! Like it!
timwikander3 years ago
Clever! I think my dwell subscription would do quite well on one of these :).
My Repurposed Life (author)  timwikander3 years ago
Thank you very much.
This is so cute and very handy to have! Awesome idea!
Thanks so much! I like quick and easy projects ever now and again!