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Introduction: Si4703 FM Radio Arduino Uno Schield

2 months ago I was made FM radio by TEA5767 chip ( Arduino Uno shield). I was used with TDA2822 sound amplifier chip. Everything it works, but I get information that it is another Si4703 FM board who had RDS. So I don't waste mine time and create another Si4703 FM radio.

Step 1: Parts

To build this Si4703 FM radio you will need :

1) Si4703 board Ebay

2) 2x Rotary encoder Ebay

3) Oled I2C 128x64 Ebay

4) 2x 22k 0805 resistor

5) 2x 1K5 0805 resistor

6) 2x 4R7 0805 resistor

7) 2x 0.1uF 0805 ceramic capacitor

8) 0R 1206 jumper ( resistor)

9) copper board

10) TDA2822 DIP8 amp chip Ebay

11) 3.5mm audio jack socket Ebay

12) 3x 470uF electrolytic capacitor

13) 2x 10uF electrolytic capacitor

14 ) 1x 40pins header pins

Step 2: PCB Board

Design printed circuit board (PCB), I was used ,,Sprint-Layout" software.

Step 3: Arduino Code

Si4703_Radio_rssi_manual.ino - manual tuning

I was used libraries:

Si4703_Breakout.h link

U8glib.h GitHub

Step 4: 3D Printed Case for FM Radio

Step 5: Final Result

If you want to add external antenna you will had to cut pcb track between capacitor and ground (see photo).

It show RDS data but signal strength has to be very good. Oled display generator are making noise. So sound quality is not very good. It is made by myself, so I am very happy.

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wich of the 2 chips gives u better performance or audio quality???

2 replies

Si4703 FM you can listen radio with headphones without amplifier. If you are using TEA5767 you will need amplifier because sound level output is weak. Audio quality it is the same.

thanks for the response, I purchase both of them with other accessories to make my own one on a real exotic hard wood CNC case, the wood is easy to find here in Costa Rica...
What about a reception comparison?

Good project: I will make it soon.

Could you please post the schematics diagram or the connection diagram ?



1 reply

Awesome well done