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CharlesWeaver (author)2015-04-26

awesome work mate

gfetters (author)2014-03-07

Ok, You can't show us this fabulous custom storage and not give us dimensions and specs on how to build it. I love it though.

jensenr30 (author)gfetters2014-03-12

the small drawers are...
2.5" wide, 5.5" deep, 2.25" high
the larger drawers have the same depth and height, but their width is 7" instead of 2.5".
The spacing between the drawers could be whatever you want, but I chose half inch spacing for the small drawers, and three-quarter inch spacing for the large drawers.
The frame of the organizer is also three-quarter inch.
The overall size of the organizer is 16.5" wide 16" tall, and 5.5" deep.

I hope this helps!

~CableGuy (author)2013-01-15

great job. but, aren't your drawers a little too thick for some Fly-weight transistors or such?

bertus52x11 (author)2011-03-10

For a 15 year old, you sure have a lot of usable junk.


jensenr30 (author)bertus52x112011-03-10

haha lol!

ducktape.mac (author)jensenr302011-04-10

i wish i was able to keep all my junk. like twice a year, my mom makes me clean it out. i normally just shove it in my closet, but then i can't find it!!

jensenr30 (author)ducktape.mac2011-04-10

heh heh. lol. nice.

kooyma (author)2011-03-17

a minor in art may suit you- but art tends to be a real time suck!! I was once told by a physics major that art students never have party time so he went to science.
Perhaps something computer design related? Best of luck!!

I love this!! you've a fantastic eye for design detail- as an (artist...shhhh) I have tiny bits and pieces ad nauseum this kind of organisation would be dreamy- amazing.


pfred2 (author)2011-03-12

You're welcome. I don't come up with too many good ideas but I think this was one of them. Specialty jewel cases can set one back a pretty penny, but converting a common commodity item to a different task can be worthwhile. And who doesn't have a pile of these old CD jewel cases laying around with CDs in them from 10 years ago they'll never use again? Those old discs seem to keep just fine to me in homemade paper envelopes made out of plain 8.5x11 paper, if I don't just stack them all together.

BTW I used air conditioner filter foam (costs maybe a dollar at a big box store) as my foam but if static is an issue I bet the foam that some motherboards come with would work too. Soft foam that compresses easily seems to be best for this application.

pfred2 (author)2011-03-04

Your storage unit reminds me a lot of an apothecary. I've made something vaguely similar in the past:

Mine is more of a decorative knick knack shelf unit though.

I see in your image comments that you thought cutting the box joints took a long time. So I have to ask, did you cut the joints one at a time or did you stack each box side up and cut them together? When I made boxes with finger joints I run all the sides at the same time and it saved me a lot of time.

But I'm thinking you used a router to cut your joints and I use a tablesaw with a dado blade so my way may not work for you.

I need to take a new picture of my "junk box". Let me put up a construction shot of it I have laying around:

It looks more like this today:

My electronics junk takes up about 4 6 foot high shelf units that run the 20 foot length of it, but I wouldn't call it sick spacious just fair sized. Oh, and for the most part I keep all of my junk in random cardboard boxes or milk crates depending.

One more thing, I saw you had some transistors on a tape reel. I've a neat way to store transistors where I modify CD jewel cases (I cut off the part that holds the disc) and line them with foam. Then I can lay the transistors down on the foam in order and close it and they stay that way. It's saved me a lot of time sifting through transistors ever since I started doing it that way. I can't find a picture of one now I'll have to take another.

Mostly if I need a quick bin to hold junk I'll just cut a plastic gallon milk/water jug in half and use that. They stack nice too! Well I have to run I always like storage projects yours is great!

jensenr30 (author)pfred22011-03-08

I cut the finger joints six pieces at a time with a table saw.
I used a dado blade on a table saw to cut the dados. (there are dados in each little container)
thanks for the awesome comment!!

i have no idea what you are describing in respect to the cd case transistor project! are you talking about a case that fits 25 CD writables? or just a cd case that holds one cd?

pfred2 (author)jensenr302011-03-08

The old fat Jewel CD cases that fit one CD. I have to rip the insert out that holds the disc and saw most of it away then hot glue the edge back in.

jensenr30 (author)pfred22011-03-08

Wow! that is a great idea! Then you can organize them with a cd wrack! and you can put labels on the small outward facing edge that usually has the name of the program on it! awesome pics!

pfred2 (author)jensenr302011-03-09

I don't keep them in a CD rack, they fit perfectly into one of my drawer organizer units, but I do spine label them. The real beauty of it is I used to keep transistors in drawer compartments and every time I took them out I'd arrange them on my workbench, which took forever to do. Now I simply open up the case and they are already organized! People who just use transistors as switches won't understand what I'm talking about.

I cropped them out of a larger picture:

jensenr30 (author)pfred22011-03-09

so you organize them based on their current gain? interesting. I just organize them based on either NPN or PNP, and the pin layouts. (I don't want my E-C-B transistors mixed with my E-B-C transistors)

pfred2 (author)jensenr302011-03-09

My "organization" is a bit more disorganized than that. It really depends what the transistor is how it is organized. But for whatever reasons when I select transistors I usually want them lined up single depth. One case even contains TO-220 voltage regulators, They're just organized by type.

A transistor project from my favorite homebrewer:

Something like that should show how not every transistor is like every other!

jensenr30 (author)pfred22011-03-09


jensenr30 (author)pfred22011-03-08

please post a picture on the transistor CD jewel case project! or better yet a short and sweet inst'able!

spike3579 (author)2011-03-04

Great job on your drawers. They'll last forever. My stuff lives in plastic drawers and bins but I've always wanted to build something like this:

pfred2 (author)spike35792011-03-04

Become a Free Mason and get into the piano building business and after 30 years you never know? I've always admired the Studley box myself!

jensenr30 (author)spike35792011-03-04

That looks pretty awesome. =D

jensenr30 (author)2011-03-03


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