I had two pairs of jeans that I didn't need. One pair had a rip in the butt-area, and even if I fixed that, it would look awkward.
My other pair was a bit baggy because they were hand-me-downs.
So I made the best of it and combined them, and this is what turned out.

Throughout the project, SAVE ALL OF YOUR SCRAPS!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make these jeans, you will need:
  • Two pairs of jeans you are willing to cut up
  • Thread and a matching bobbin (I used denim thread)
  • Sturdy sewing needle for machine and hand sewing (When you go to the store, the needle's packaging says denim)
  • Pins!
  • sewing machine, scissors, etc.
The jeans I used for the bows had a rip in the butt. They are the lighter pair.
can't wait to try this! I have lace left over from other projects so I may place that behind the bows :-D <br>thank you for the great instructable
If you want a bit more coverage (warmer in winter, or for those who don't want to show that much leg, or if you're making them for a teenager who may have school dress-code restrictions), you could get a piece of thinner fabric (anything from silk scarves to t-shirts to bandanna print cotton to fabric cut from a button-down dress shirt) big enough to fill in behind the bows. Just stitch its edges around the inside of the opening in the jeans. If you use fairly thin fabric, and a bit bigger than the opening in the jeans, you can make it &quot;pouf&quot; out from underneath/in between the bows, too. <br>If you put the bows only halfway down the leg, and use wider &quot;lining&quot; fabric underneath that runs all the way down, you can get a flare-leg effect that would probably move interestingly if you wore them out dancing, too... <br>Hmm... I bet you could apply this idea to denim skirts, too...
I just love these,easy directions also thank you and I know my daughter will thank you to after I make her some
i love them so darn cute!!! i am deffanly going to try this for my next sewing project

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