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So this is my side project 3. It is a little gun that looks and feels great. All in a little package, this gun has a sliding trigger that doesn't need any bands to be activated. Although this gun doesn't have a mag one will be added in a later update. Instructions will probably won't be posted, but I might consider. Here are the Pro's and Con's


Looks good
Iron sights
Sliding trigger
non-band trigger
great pin pull
No broken pieces (I will not make guns with broken pieces)


No mag
Trigger can sometimes not release the pin


Element Force (author)2012-11-03

Good one! nice little pistol 4*

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-03

Thanks Should l I remake and post?

Element Force (author)didexo2012-11-04

If you post i build it.:)

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-04

Ok I might :)

Element Force (author)didexo2012-11-05

yes!! Thanks

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-21

Do you think you could build it from the pictures it is not that hard to build.

Element Force (author)didexo2012-11-22

i can not build this its to hard i try it

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-22

Its not that hard, just look at the pictures but anyways I will still try to post.

Element Force (author)didexo2012-11-25

ok thanks and your new gun is nice!

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-25

Sorry for double post.

Element Force (author)didexo2012-11-26

its ok

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-26

So is thing is; I'm having problems with the gun shown in the ible so I will post a updated version.

Element Force (author)didexo2012-12-01

cool :0

didexo (author)Element Force2012-12-01


Element Force (author)didexo2012-11-27


didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-25

Yep no problem. What do you like about it?

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-25

Yep no problem. What do you like about it?

didexo (author)Element Force2012-11-05


didexo (author)2012-06-16

Y u no give me feed back.

~KnexBuild~ (author)didexo2012-06-16

This looks awesome! 5 stars. It is nice and compact. Are you going to post it?

didexo (author)~KnexBuild~2012-06-17

I might I'm not sure.

james4 (author)didexo2012-07-05

Please post instructions.

~Meme~ (author)2012-06-19

It's ok.

didexo (author)~Meme~2012-06-19

Yeah I know I'm working on it.

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