Side Sleeper Pro Pillowcase

Picture of Side Sleeper Pro Pillowcase
So I bought a side sleep pro pillow and after putting a pillowcase over it I realized you can't use it correctly with a regular pillowcase because you can't fit your shoulder in properly. So I went about making my own. My sewing is still really crappy but enough to do the trick. Please be gentle with my sewing skill and poor planning.

-Sewing Machine
-Pen, paper, scissors

Cost: High: $10
               Low: $0

Time: High: 1 hour
               Low: 2.5 hours
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Step 1: Cut out the shape

Picture of Cut out the shape
Pic#1: Cut out shape on newspaper

Pic#2: Cut

Pic#3: Pieces cut out

Step 3: Sew on 2 pieces for pocket

Picture of Sew on 2 pieces for pocket
Pic#1: Before pocket, I cut off that excess for a one of the two pieces

Pic#2: 2 pieces cut out

Pic#3: Sewed the edges

Pic#4: Just wanted to finish so I didn't go into detail

            Use the excess on both sides to sew on the inside the two pieces, one of the pieces should overlap the other

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished
jianqiang (author) 2 years ago
Hmmm, it feels nice, supports your head well because theres no gap of pillow between your shoulder and head but....I guess I like to squirm around when I sleep and when I wake up I'm not sleeping on my side. It only works if you sleep on your side, so if you move around its an very oddly shaped pillow.
I'm also a restless sleeper, but the side pillow feels so good on my neck. It encourages good posture in sleeping and less likely to awaken all twisted in a knot as my neck and shoulder were back in January. I have been dealing with extremely painful muscle spasms ever since. I encourage people who even think they might like it to try it. I bought mine on ebay for $16.23, and it was flown to me here in New Mexico! I do not know how the seller made a penny on it!
desert007bloom12 months ago
Thanks for giving me the courage to try my hand at it!
ChrysN2 years ago
Nice! How do you like the side sleeper pillow? Is it comfortable?

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