Introduction: Side Table

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This simple table was made using the DIWire and just a few other tools.

Step 1:

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Material: 7 lengths .125" Galvanized Steel Wire, 25 mm Plywood

Tools: Wire Cutters, Clips, Soldering Torch, Solder, Glue Gun + Glue

Time: 2 - 3 Hours

Skill Level; Challenging

Step 2: Bend and Check

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Make sure all legs are scaled the same for a stable table. (Sorry we can't help with crooked floors.)

Step 3: Lay-out the Legs

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We used some cut wooden wedges to locate the wire properly for soldering.

Step 4: ​Clip It Up!

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We used small metal curtain clips at the time, but you can print your own clips or even buy them from our site. You could also try gluing or taping a spot along the seam before soldering.

Step 5: Solder

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Step 6: Mount Legs

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Place in sawn grooves in plywood, then staple-/nail-gun the wire in place.


connie46 (author)2015-06-23

I love I have been looking for a way to do it the legs on small tables myself thank you for your help

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