Side Shelf for a Bike





Introduction: Side Shelf for a Bike

 Carry anything from a canvas to a briefcase using this simple device. With just a little bit of handy work and a trip to the hardware store, all your colleagues and friends will stand in awe. 

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Step 1: Measure

 Once you have a rack(almost any kind will do) attached to the rear of your bike, measure the distance from the down tube of the back triangle to the bar of the rack.

Step 2: Cut the Strips

Use the measurement from step 1 and cut a strip of the material of your choice. Make sure to add just a little bit to the distance you measured. Next, cut a strip similar but this time, make it however long you think is necessary for your carrying needs. 

At this step, you will also want to cut the strip to attach onto the L brackets later on.(see exploded view)

Step 3: Drill the Holes

Place the L brackets on top of the strips that you have cut and mark the holes to be drilled. You will also want to include the U-bolt holes in the center of the two strips. 

Step 4: Assembly

 Put it all together! Use Zip ties or standard bolts to attach the L-brackets. The U-bolt goes right in the middle and pulls the two pieces together. You're ready to Carry_It!



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    This looks really nice, but I can't help but wonder, would it work if you clamped the U-bolt directly to the two posts? I am looking at making something similar to this and that seems to be the only idea that popped into my mind lol

    just what i was looking for thank you so much =)