Sidekick II Disassembly





Introduction: Sidekick II Disassembly

HOW TO: take apart a sidekick II
you might want to do this if you want to paint it or just for the heck of it.

Step 1: Buttons

first you need to pry off the buttons of the SK. to do this you can use your finger nails or a screw driver if you dont have nails to pry off the buttons.

Step 2: Remove Cover and Screen

to remove the back cover, unscrew the four screws under the buttons. you will need a torx T-6 bit. i dont have one of those so i will be using a very small flathead.

for the screen you need to remove the two screws under it. then pull the screen STRAIGHT up.

then to seperate the covers you need to remove your bumpers and sim card. the bumpers help to hold the device together.

now pull apart

Step 3: Circuit Board, Keyboard, Speaker + Vibrator, & Scroll Wheel

you will need a small philips screw driver

unscrew the three screws on the board...two on top, one on bottom(i pointed to these with pens in the pic). then the board will pull straight up.

the keyboard is weird...ill let you figure it out.

for the speaker you just need to pry it up. same for the vibrator

the scroll wheel has 2 screws..undo those and pull up

Step 4: Screen Trim

take out the four screws (shown where with pens) then pry off.



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    12 Discussions

    need help co'z my sidekick II has a broken path, the dc adapter has been pull out to the circuit board..i need schematics to be able to jump wire to its proper connection.pls help.. thnks

    In your step four, what did you use to get the screen off. I have one that back light is broken and one that is broken inside wise and I want to do a screen change.

    i kinda need help... the scroll thingy on my sk is stuck. it barely scrolls and it doesnt click.. what do i do?

    1 reply

    all I can suggest is to use an alcohol soaked q-tip and clean it out. hope this helps you.

    Yes they are, actually i used the screen from my number 3 on my sk 2 because a little while after this my screen broke... so yes, they are exactly the same.

    i need help taking off my screen what size flat head shud i use?

    do you know if theres a special kind of paint you can buy to paint a sidekick


    11 years ago

    Nicely illustrated! I was wondering if you know of anyone who has used the parts to make a remote interface device? It seems like this would be a nice form-factor for projects, but I haven't found anyone who has revere-engineered the keyboard or screen interface. Did you end up using any of these parts?

    i have big problem...well it might not be a big problem to flip mechanism on my sk 2 reacts slow( when i go to flip it , it doesnt flip fast like its suposed to, i have to manually flip it up...can you help me? would be greatly apriciated..

    ok now i toOk my sk 2 screen off ...but i wound up takin out the four tiny screws that hold down the metal peice with the flex cable do i put it back on...because it wont go on as it was put on

    what can i do if i kinda messed up on one of the screws and now the hold is too big and my screwdriver is too small but the next 1 is too big?