Step 10: Finished

Congrats! You're finished. You can now use your Sigh Collector to monitor your emotional health.
<p>Brilliant Use</p>
Hi, I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist. We were taught years ago that a normal, non-stressed sigh breath normally occurs two times per minute. That's the way we usually set our ventilators. You surely have some data on the number of sigh breaths per minute. If you will, please tell me how many sighs per minute on average you have measured in a &quot;normal&quot;, &quot;non-stressed&quot; person. It would be very interesting to me. Thanks, Robb, RRT Grand Rapids, Michigan
I think that bladder needs to be yellow, with a big smiley on it... then when your emotional health is in the &quot;blue&quot;, i.e. depressed... the big yellow smiley will be revealed and you'll smile :)
What do you do with all the collected sighs once they're collected? Someone should build something that uses them.
Finally!! A project that meets so many of my needs!! thanks so much for sharing it with us!!
Looks like you could have placed it in a much smaller case, Cell phone sized even. At least on a belt clip. You can power the arduino from 3-4 AA batteries more cheaply than 2 9v (2400mah @$2 vs 1800mah @ $2-4) Interesting choice of biometric technology!
Does it measure in angst-stroms? I love this project so much it hurts. Also, reading through the Instructable made me acutely aware of my breathing and whether I was sighing or not. :-)
LOL , I love the whole idea , what a sense of humor .
Very cool! I think my wife could keep a bounce house inflated with one of those.
This is very interesting, it reminds me a lot of the Nike video on youtube where they explain that the air in their Nike Air shoes is actually the air of their greatest athletes collected through a respirator type device. &quot;The Secret Behind Nike Air&quot; is the title of the video
Very interesting idea. I'd really like to hear from anyone who&nbsp;seriously decided to try this. Thanks.
Very nice!&nbsp; I like the natural wood look u gave everything.&nbsp; Was that a wood remote in the video?
a very nice piece of art! (i just boldly define it as art, see if i care if anyone protests) too bad you didn't really provide a lot of actual instructions. it is less an instructable or project documentation than a coarse project description. skipping the woodwork is fine with me, but the electronics deserve a better coverage. nontheless, a good idea and beautifully implemented.
you may want to correct the lower left picture comment: it says &quot;extra amperage (but same current).&quot;<br/><br/>amperage and current mean the same thing. when you put the two batteries in parallel you get a higher amperage/current at the same *voltage* than that of a single battery.<br/>consequently, you get a higher voltage and the same current when putting the batteries in series.<br/><br/>batteries in series will <br/>- will deliver the current that one battery can nominally deliver and <br/>- the overall voltage will be the voltages of all batteries added up.<br/><br/>batteries in parallel will as a unit<br/>- have the nominal battery voltage of a single battery and<br/>- deliver a current which is the sum of all battery currents.<br/><br/>these are generalisations, take them with a grain of salt please. and never ever make a mashup of non-identical batteries, unless you know what you are doing and not only think that you know what you are doing....<br/>
Please cut all the dead space from the end of the video and re-upload. Otherwise, a very interesting idea and project. Performance art!
....ok exactly what's the point of making a box that inflates a little every time you sigh. if there's something wrong with you and your emotions, you should have figured it out a while ago.
It doesn't seem to me that he is actually sad. I think this is just a great piece of art that is meant to be a visual representation of one's actions and or feelings...
excessive sighing is a sign that something is wrong, don't make it a regular habit and get it sorted out !
what happens after it fills up?
it pops with the most massive explosion you've ever heard, causing you to have a heart-attack, and reconsider you sigh-inducing life style forever :P
Lolage that was one of the most funny comments I've heard
why thankyou :P
You're very welcome.
Not to be the negative one, but isnt the "carry around" box kinda big and heavy? You could just use a small project box and wear it on your belt or something. Then you could hide the strap under your shirt. Your circuit doesn't look that big, but you have a huge box for it.
Also to help make it smaller, use a mini jack instead of a RCA jack.
<em>Powered by 2 9V batteries, wired in parallel for extra amperage (but same current).</em><br/>That kind of Contradicts itself,Amperage is current,The voltage will stay the Same but the current will be doubled,to about 1.6 Amps<br/>
Oops! I meant extra amps but same voltage. Thanks for catching that; will fix now.
You should Out Double the Current,Not amperage,Amperage is Said Mostly in High amperage/current things,like car batteries.
Great Instructable (although a trifle strange). I'm going to try and adapt some of the materials to make a set of bagpipes.
so I tells you and others when your stressed in a artisly pleasing way well I don't see why I would want but I think it is cool concept and would like to see this add to other things and good work it look like it was running smoothly on the vid if you do any upgrades it would be cool to use a heart beat monitor and body temp gauge
Wow. Are you doin ok? That is a most meticulously constructed and beautifully depressing piece of art. Nice work on the video. It made me sad too. Best of luck. Very nice, clean understandable instructable. Sigh..... vroooom.
i substituted the organic bladder for a tractor tire. it's a win.
This is... breathtaking. Does this piece include the concept of returning to some kind of equilibrium, or does the main unit just continue to expand until it meets or exceeds it's physical limits? (I recognize that this is perhaps a philosophical question as well as a technical one. I'm curious on both fronts.)
Completely useless, yet extremely awesome.
I agree

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