Step 10: Finished

Picture of Finished

Congrats! You're finished. You can now use your Sigh Collector to monitor your emotional health.
I think that bladder needs to be yellow, with a big smiley on it... then when your emotional health is in the "blue", i.e. depressed... the big yellow smiley will be revealed and you'll smile :)
Very cool! I think my wife could keep a bounce house inflated with one of those.
1nstru6 years ago
a very nice piece of art! (i just boldly define it as art, see if i care if anyone protests) too bad you didn't really provide a lot of actual instructions. it is less an instructable or project documentation than a coarse project description. skipping the woodwork is fine with me, but the electronics deserve a better coverage. nontheless, a good idea and beautifully implemented.
Wow. Are you doin ok? That is a most meticulously constructed and beautifully depressing piece of art. Nice work on the video. It made me sad too. Best of luck. Very nice, clean understandable instructable. Sigh..... vroooom.