Step 6: Build carrying case, Sew handle.

Picture of Build carrying case, Sew handle.
Sighing is monitored by a chest strap that you will wear. To hold the electronics and power supply, you must build a "carrying case". This will be mobile and will attach to the chest strap. You will carry this around with you while you perform your daily tasks and it will monitor your sighing activity. When a sigh is detected, the mobile unit will send a wireless signal to the main unit.

Again, you may follow the diagram I've provided and find measurements on how to build the carrying box. Or you may choose to make your own, unique version, or improve upon my own. I modeled mine after various kinds of medical, patient monitoring devices.

I spliced an RCA cable in between the circuit and the sensor/chest strap (Steps 7 & 8) so that it can easily plug in and out of the box. I chose RCA cable because it's a simple way to have two stranded wires, packaged nicely with an easy to plug/unplug header. I slipped the RCA cable into a length of latex tubing, for aesthetic reasons.