Sight Great for Use on Your Bb Gun or a Knex Gun





Introduction: Sight Great for Use on Your Bb Gun or a Knex Gun

A very good sight. You might want to use this on your BB gun or a knex gun. It uses basic materials only and will take little more than 5 minutes to make. If you do this carefully it will be supa accurate and will look very cool.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You dont need much to make this instructables. Just some glad wrap(i dont know what you call it in america but you will probably have something similiar), one big roll, or two toilet paper rolls, some tape and a sheet of A4 paper.My photos are still loading so ill just keep typing for a moment to waste time. Nearly there. Come on..... Ah! Done.

Step 2: The Start

1.cut your roll in half(if you used 1 large one).
2.get 2 squares of glad wrap.
3.tape on a piece to one end of both of the rolls.

Step 3: Crosshares

draw whatever crosshares you prefer. i like the x and the dot best. also, make sure both marks are centred.

Step 4: JIon the Two Sections Together

tape both sections togehter. One of the bits of glad wrap should be in the middle, the other at the end.

Step 5: Make It Look Nice

wrap the A4 paper arount the tube and tape it into place. it should then look like this.



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    It is VERY hard to line up for accuracy. I suggest making a lower dot.

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