Picture of Sign Language (Over 100 Words!!!)

This is my very first instructable so forgive me if it's not very good. 

( If you have any helpful advice on how to help me with future instructions, leave me a message.)

Have you ever wondered about learning sign language? No?!?... I have not either to be honest lol. But trust me, it's something worth learning and the best part is that it's extremely easy. 


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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
All you really need for this is a laptop and or computer with working internet.

Step 2: First step

Picture of First step

1) Go to Google images and look up sign language alphabet.

2) Take one of many pictures, and practice each sign.

( You will see that there are different types so if needed, you can copy and paste my picture. This is the most common form of finger spelling in America.)

Step 3: Second step

Picture of Second step

1) Next you go to www.lifeprint.com. If you can't find it, then go to www.Google.com and look up sign language.

2) I didn't do this, but you can scroll down and click on "Fingerspelling Quizes"
I'm sure you can figure it out from there. These are really easy tests that will help with your finger spelling. (have to warn you though, sometimes a sign might be a little confusing you understand)

3) After that, go back to front page and click on "First 100 signs"


Step 4: Third step

Picture of Third step
1) From here, all you have to do is press start, and go over each sign.
( I wouldn't just run through it. Take a chunk of words and go over them about twice a day.)
( I memorized almost EVERY word in two days!)

2) Once you're done with the first sign, just click the "next" button.

3) They have a lot of helpful pictures (Duh). But they also have some videos in there that are also very helpful.
Actually, American Sign Language is a language that involves much more than just spelling English words.  It's true, the manual alphabet can help a lot when communicating, but it's not the entire language any more than the written alphabet is all of English.  But, if you do want to practice fingerspelling (using the manual alphabet), I suggest this site: http://asl.ms/  Even as a sign language interpreter, I find it helpful and entertaining.
someniceguyon (author)  coolbluesmoke5 years ago

I already know this. Thats why were is more to this instructable than just finger spelling.