Picture of Sign documents with quill pen
Want to sign documents feeling like a Sir? This instructable will teach to make a quill pen for this.

Note: If you have spelling errors, sorry! I am using a translation tool
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 ♦ Feather of cock
 ♦ Ballpoint pen
 ♦ Copper wire

Step 2: Preparing the Pen

Picture of Preparing the Pen
Passo 2.JPG
Passo 3.JPG
Remove the load of the pen, cutting it with about 5 cm

Step 3: Almost a quill

Picture of Almost a quill
Passo 5.JPG
Passo 6.JPG
Glue the piece of cargo in the quill with adhesive tape

Step 4:

Picture of
Passo 8.JPG
Passo 9.JPG
Passo 10.JPG
Wrap the wire in the body of the quill , cut the left over and is ready for use!
Cool, cool! I always wanted to have a quill pen! Thanks for sharing :)
filpcl (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
I'm glad you enjoyed! :)