Signal Generator Build.




Introduction: Signal Generator Build.

Video build of signal generator from banggood.

This is a video instructable showing the full build and testing of a signal generator obtained from Banggood.

This turned out to be a very quick build taking about 30 minutes start to end, and because of the through hole components and well laid out board it is a very good kit for a beginner.

The only problem with this kit is that once built it should be powered from 3 different voltages. 5 volts and +- 12 volts. but when i had a look at the circuit diagram (PDF below) it was clear that the +- 12 volts was purely for the op-amp and since the signal is totally derived from the main chip i realised i could get a meaningful output from the main chip. so you can see i have connected the scope lead under the LCD, to the junction between R18 and R19 as labeled on the diagram as DSS_OUT.

Link to the kit is HERE.



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