Signal Gloves





Introduction: Signal Gloves

You're stuck in the city.
It's cold.  It's foggy.  The drivers are crazy.
And you're on your bicycle.

I don't like to stand out unless I need to.
But sometimes you simply need to be seen.

Since I don't have ultra cool reflective clothing or a lot of money, I came up with this.

ps. This is my first instructable.  Please vote for me!

Step 1: Materials


Warm gloves/mittens
Reflective tape
Optional: Epoxy, glue, a sense of style

The beauty of this instructable is that it's fast, inexpensive, and it works.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Design

For my design, I'm making a simple set of arrows.

I'll make the arrows out of reflective tape.
Then, I'll simply stick it on.

Step 3: Result

That's it!

You're done.
Here's a picture in my garage to demonstrate how effective it is.

(Please vote for me as it's my first instructable.)

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    8 Discussions

    Clever idea! Now only if pedestrians would wear it too when jaywalking.

    I was expecting an arduino based solution and was pleasantly surprised to see it was only sticky reflective tape...

    Good job!

    I have been thinking about  a similar project for some time, good job!