Picture of Silencing noisy dog tags
Is that the sound of loose change?  Slow your roll panhandler.... i've got no change here for you, only two slightly stupid dogs, and some dog tags on their collars that don't know when to quit.

I was at the Maker Faire a few months back, and stopped by the Sugru booth. Very cool stuff that has a multitude of awesome functions.  I got a hold of some and was thinking of totally useless ways that I could play with it.  I am easily entertained and just wanted to open all the packs to look at the different colors.

My boyfriend sat me down, had an intervention, and then decided he would find an appropriate use for the Sugru.  (He is a total debbie downer.)  So after taking the goods away from me, he decided he would wrap our dogs tags in them, so that they would make our pups stealthy and more ninja like.....

Step 1: Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Step 1: Gather materials
What I used: 
-One pack of Sugru
-A plastic mat to roll out your Sugru on (There's a warning it might stain, so I didn't roll it out directly on my table top or counter)
-An extact-o knife
-Dog Tags
-Two unsuspecting dogs
sahmed706 months ago
I love your third ingredients
AZApple1 year ago
Wonderful, wonderful. I agree about tags setting off other dogs. Sometimes my dogs get wound up when they hear keys. But, gotta admit, so do I. I have to turn to see what cute doggie might be there.
macazu2 years ago
Another way to silence noisy pet tags is to get a TagPodz, by Macazu. Check them out at www.macazu.com.
Ninzerbean5 years ago
I like the noise, but I love your 'ible, and your bull terrier! And thank you so for keeping it more quiet at 6AM.