Silent 100% Fool Proof Alarm Clock





Introduction: Silent 100% Fool Proof Alarm Clock

I get up for work a couple of hours before my wife and baby, so I had to figure out a way to wake up without making any noise that will wake them up (they are light sleepers)


I have used it for two years now, it is bad enough to get me up every time, yet not bad enough to keep me up at night.
Be aware that it hurts quite a bit, but it is by no means horrible!
It is electrical, so never use it around your chest or neck!! Also don't use it if you have any heart condition!

Step 1: Wiring Diagram

Parts used:
Electric cattle fence transformer
220v timer unit
Lamp cable, 5 Mtr
Light switch
Canvas belt
Foam for sound insulation
Carrying box

Here is a simple wiring diagram, I used a commercially avaliable 220v timer the the red is 220v from the wall.
The blue is the shock wiring, I used a lamp cable, I used a light switch to make an easy way to short the shock circuit.
A canvas or elastic belt that I attach to my ankle. The buckle is one electrode, and the wire is sewn into the fabric to make up the other one.

Step 2: Pictures

1: short circuit switch, keep next to your pillow, it has graphics to show when it is armed and when it is shorted
2: ankle strap with two electrodes, one on the buckle one sewn into the fabric
3: electric fence transformer with sound insulation and electric terminals attached to the shock wire
4: 220v timer
5: the entire assembly



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    Made this to wake for my 4am Sunday paper-route using a 1.5v nixie power supply current limited and switched using a pool timer (1972?)

    Really?? A Tens unit would be a whole lot safer. You might want to read this before you do that too much more. How many mA of current is that transformer producing?

    3 replies

    It is not really a transformer, just a coil that is energized and then the current into the coil is shut off, so the coil gives out a big spike of voltage into the fence. Basically an automatic version of the old physics experiment

    But you got a point! A tens unit sounds like a great way to achieve the same thing, but they sound expensive!

    I think I am quite ok with the unit I am using, at least here in Norway fences are designed to shock, but not harm. Imagine the world of trouble the farmers would be in if children started dying after playing with the fences.
    It is what I had laying around when I needed it and had worked for me for years.

    are you shocking the person with 220? because I am pretty sure that you will kill your friend if want try 110, 115 or 120

    1 reply

    NO I AM NOT SHOCKING ANYONE WITH 220V! That would be worse than 112V and not something that should ever be done on purpose!!
    I am using 220V to run an electric fence transformer that gives out around 10-20,000V, but hardly any current (amperes) so it will hurt like heck, but be harmless.
    Secondly: I am doing it to myself, not anyone else, it is a bombproof way to get up from bed ?

    Not sure if I'm that desperate yet....

    I'm pretty sure my blood-curdling screams would wake the wife and baby as bad/worse than an alarm! LOL