Picture of Silent Airsoft Ammo Can
My first Instructable is a "Silent Airsoft Ammo Can" that is the result of my frustration.  I realized the need for a better ammo container during my last war games with my friends when my ammo canister kept rattling and giving away my position.  So I devised a better way to carry my ammo on my belt or in my cargo pants.
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Step 1: Emtpy can

Picture of Emtpy can
 I started with an old pepper can that was about to meet the trash can.  I liked that it already had the openings for different sized ammo.

Step 2: Cutting and inserting

Picture of Cutting and inserting
Step 4.JPG
Step 6b.JPG
Step 5.JPG
Step 6a.JPG
I got some free foam from a local shipping office.  The next step was cutting the foam to insert inside by using my recently built hot wire foam cutter.
Carefully wrap the thin foam cutout into the can and then measure the foam for the lid.  Yes, the lid also needs foam to keep the ammo from making so much noise.  Using glue to secure the foam to the lid and you are almost done.

Step 3: Finishing up

Picture of Finishing up
Step 7.JPG
Finally, you can now fill and paint your can and add either a belt clip or just put it in your backpack.  Special thanks to the help from my Grandpa.

Nice job man thanks

hey u 4got to put the foam on the bottom as well.
Cyclone17642 years ago
My local airsoft store sells camo spray paint, this would make a great adition to this :)
coolkidtn2 years ago
Wow. This helped me a lot. I like to NOT be noticed with so many BB's bouncing around. Great ible. 5 stars