Picture of Silent Airsoft Ammo Can
My first Instructable is a "Silent Airsoft Ammo Can" that is the result of my frustration.  I realized the need for a better ammo container during my last war games with my friends when my ammo canister kept rattling and giving away my position.  So I devised a better way to carry my ammo on my belt or in my cargo pants.

Step 1: Emtpy can

Picture of Emtpy can
 I started with an old pepper can that was about to meet the trash can.  I liked that it already had the openings for different sized ammo.

Nice job man thanks

hey u 4got to put the foam on the bottom as well.
Cyclone17642 years ago
My local airsoft store sells camo spray paint, this would make a great adition to this :)
coolkidtn2 years ago
Wow. This helped me a lot. I like to NOT be noticed with so many BB's bouncing around. Great ible. 5 stars