Silent Drumming





Introduction: Silent Drumming

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A way to practice drumming anywhere silently for, pretty much, free! :)

Step 1: Materials and Junk

What you will need:

Tape, or fast drying glue
Scissors, or craft knife
An old mouse mat
A London After Midnight album (I prefer Phycho Magnet)

Step 2: Chopalot

Put on the London Afer Midnight album and allow it to play for the duration

Then cut about 2-3" x 0.5" off the mousemat

Then cut that in half.

Step 3: Taping

To finish all you need to do is wrap the pieces around the end of the drumsticks (the end you drum with) and tape (or glue) it tight.
If you can be bothred you can make an end piece and glue it on, i carnt be bothered.

P.S. I lied at the beginning, i dont think you can take them onto planes, because they're such a deadly weapon.



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    I started learning to drum by practicing on a couch cushion. Zero rebound, but extremely quiet.

    You can take these on a plane. I took my drum pad and sticks on my trip to europe. On the way back I accidentally left them in my carry-on. Security looked at them, but they didn't take them away.

    If you want to mute a kick drum, the easiest way is to fill the inside with something. A couple pillows or a big fluffy blanket works best. Still makes noise, but not quite as much.

    I already have that in my Bass, to dampen the sound, but then if you are using the cusioned sticks then your bass will still be much luder by comparison

    I guess you missunderstood exactly what I meant, I didn't mean completely mute it, I know the felt tips wouldn't completely mute it. I just meant could you do it to the bass drum to make it a little quiter too?

    suck it and see. as long as its a crap mousemat there nothing to worry about.

    I wasn't using it as an innuendo it is always used here merely as an inncocnt figure of speech. I think the true childishness lies with the one who turns it from an innocent figure of speech into an innuendo, don't you agree?

    then why use it when the word can be interpreted into an innuendo when you could just not open up that chance at the start and just use a different figure of speech?

    Because any use of language can be interperated to make innuendo it only depends on the interperator. Plus this is a website where true meanings would be understood, at least by most users.

    while i see what you mean by any figure of speech being able to be interperated as an innuendo, what other viewers would see the "correct" meaning of suck it and see?

    well if you look up you may realize that the comment was directed at me. not the other ppl veiwing with page