This is my second step-by-step tutorial on making a mask but I believe this one is much simpler than the Corvo one.  This was for my redux Halloween costume this year but decided to add the mask portion for this Instructables.  I hope you all enjoy and, possibly, make this mask one day!

(NOTE:  This is only a full face mask, not an over-the-head mask.  Hat, dress, and shoes not included in tutorial...  Neither is the knife.)

Step 1: Gathering Items

For this tutorial you will need to obtain the following items:

A foam head (I got mine at a wig store)
Saran wrap
Plaster bandages (at a craft store such as Alard's or possibly Michael's)
Activa Fast Mache (Or any other brand of papier mache)
hot glue
Acrylic paints
Inks (red, orange, and yellow), food dye works just as well
Various eyeshadows
Paintbrushes (not the makeup brushes shown)
Newspaper or plastic tablecloth (so you keep a clean workstation)
Very cool! You should enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Masks/">Mask Challenge</a>! Gotta enter by midnight tonight!

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