Step 4: Shoes

Picture of Shoes
I reaaaally wish I could have had heels for this, but I had an old pair of flats that were near dead anyway, so I used them instead.

Not a huge step, just spray paint the shoes you plan to use with the white, I did about four layers since these started out black. Do the same type of procedure you did with the mask with these, like the watered down brown first, then the detailing paint. Just kinda go all over, it doesn't need to look perfect.
bwhack4 years ago
I'm doing this costume for a con I'm going to, and I was wondering, what kind of paint should I use if the shoes aren't fabric? Should I do them in tea and then do some detailing paint on them? I'm just wondering, cause I want to have it done by April, and I'm getting started on it soon, so I want to be able to know what the crap I'm doing.