Step 4: Shoes

I reaaaally wish I could have had heels for this, but I had an old pair of flats that were near dead anyway, so I used them instead.

Not a huge step, just spray paint the shoes you plan to use with the white, I did about four layers since these started out black. Do the same type of procedure you did with the mask with these, like the watered down brown first, then the detailing paint. Just kinda go all over, it doesn't need to look perfect.
<p>thanks for the help, it inspired me to make mine</p>
Thank you for making this Instructable! It was my inspiration for my costume ;)
<p>I really like how u incorporated fused skin in with the bandage like they did in the movie, that's what I'm going to try n do with latex.. seen every tutorial on youtube, gonna use the elements that seem to work the best, but I'm modifying it so that I can still see/breathe and be able to drink beer lol (mouth flap haha).</p>
wonderfull costume great job.
I followed this recipe along with others online (tutorials on YouTube) and made a killer costume that has so far won me all 3 contests I have entered. I have had people telling me that I had to have bought the costume. I've also had people wanting to buy this costume from me. My mask is a little bit different. I made it more wrinkled and skin like rather than cloth like. I spray painted it only once and painted the inside of the mask with white acrylic. I then coated the inside with black painty hose glued on with tacky glue. It allowed me to breathe comfortably without having plaster crumbling or a spray paint smell. It also covered the two holes I left for my eyes. I gave myself about a week and a half to work on it. The mask took three days as I allowed the plaster to dry. My uniform was actually a lab coat I had bought for a prior costume that I cut and mended. Using a &quot;real uniform&quot; gave it such a creepy realistic feel. I dyed panty hose and drew on the gross veins on my thighs and calves with a green Sharpie that had a thick and fine tip. I then went over some of the veins with grey marker to emphasize. I used the the green Sharpie and went over my natural veins on my arms, chest and drew on my neck. I went over that with Halloween makeup to get a zombie feel that matched my hose. I allowed the fake blood I used on my skin to sit out in a cup for a week so it could thicken. The blood was also mixed with one to two drops of black dye. I painted my fingernails and the skin around my nails with a dark green polish that made my fingertips look like they were rotting off. I put black acrylic paint on the ends of my hands and finished the look by wiping blood on my hands to look like I had cleaned my hands off on my uniform. I had a knife that I spray painted silver and added fake blood to in a wiping motion. The clear gloss spray paint coat really allowed the blood to look wet. This was by far one of my favorite art projects to have conquered! You can really use your imagination to put your own take on how you believe the nurses should look. I have been told that I looked exactly like the nurses in the movie. I plan to wear my costume to a future DragonCon. = D
just an idea, but you might want to try coating the inside of the mast with a plastic bag or glue it in there so your not smothered in fumes.&nbsp; ya know?<br />
&nbsp;Yeah..I thought of that too, just a little too late, haha. If i ever have the opportunity to wear this costume again (which I'd love to do), I'll do that.&nbsp;
You mentioned in the steps for the mask to put a plastic bag over your face to make the holes for the eyes and mouth. Did you not work up the mask from there? Also did you use a mannequin for the face? <br> <br>Excellent tutorial by the way!! I was rethinking doing due to I did not want to use latex because of the smell. I guess plaster is not all that much better but have a plastic bag under does sound like it will ease some of the discomfort.
What does the white and clear spray do for the mask? Do I also need to get both or can I just get either one of them? I guess I'm being a bit of a cheappie, but the spray is essential than I'll definitely add it on the shopping list.
&quot;Put the plastic bag over your head&quot;<br><br>Genious! lol
I may be a boy but I have a curvy body and I think this costume was perfection in every way. I plan to do this for Comic Con. Where can I find Plaster Strips though? Anyways, thanks for making this!
You can get plaster strips at any craft store like Michaels or even a fabric store like Jo-Anns may have it in there craft area! :D That would be awesome btw
This is probably the best made Silent Hill Nurse costume I have ever seen. <br>
This thing is AWESOME! I might make one next year.
that is messed up<br>in averry<br>verry <br>verry distubingly awesome way ...<br><br>well done !
epic! <br>well done! <br>enjoy halloween, I miss it so much! <br> <br>
here's my last year costume, it was a BLAAAAAAST!<br>thank you :)
Wow you are incredibly beautiful!<br>Hot costume. :)
I'm doing this costume for a con I'm going to, and I was wondering, what kind of paint should I use if the shoes aren't fabric? Should I do them in tea and then do some detailing paint on them? I'm just wondering, cause I want to have it done by April, and I'm getting started on it soon, so I want to be able to know what the crap I'm doing.
I was gonna be one of these for this past Halloween but didn't have enough time and definitely not enough resources. Anyways, I'm confused about what you are saying about the tights. Do you super glue them on the inside of the mask?...and how do you make it to where you can take it off and put it on easily?...And where do you get the plaster strips?
I made a costume based off most of the steps in this Instructable (plaster-casting the mask, tea-dyeing and paint-washing the mask/dress/hat, detailing the shoes) and it turned out awesome! I chose to do some things differently (not using fake blood, for example, as none of the nurses in the games or movie have fresh blood on them; and adding the veins seen on the movie nurses) but overall it was the same process. I got a ton of compliments and creeped a lot of people out.<br><br>For anyone planning to do a Silent Hill nurse costume, there's a good Youtube tutorial for teaching the walk and how to pose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lapdpwvjFtY . It's awkward to do, but keeping in character will make your costume a lot more impressive. <br><br>A couple of my friends are professional photographers and we did two photo shoots using the costume. I've added some pics to my Instructables library. They should be attached to this message, but in case it doesn't work, check there. <br><br>Thank you for making this Instructable! &lt;3
Hey, I tried to look up the sewing pattern, but it's all sold out. I really really want to do this for halloween. I dont have an extra dress i can rework, does anyone know where I can still find the pattern! please help! I'm running so short on time before halloween!
try one of these links. i think the 2nd one is better. <br>http://www.simplicity.com/p-2366-misses-dresses.aspx <br>http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/m5847-products-10059.php?page_id=108 <br> <br>or check your local thrift store.
Since the mask doesn't go all the way down the back of the head (for obvious reasons) what did you do with your hair? <br>I'm going to try making this costume for halloween but my hair is thick and curly and I have no idea what to do with it.
I'm a boy, but I think with my somewhat womanly figure, I could pull this off! :D<br>Except for the push-up bra and heels probably though. D:
sweet.. had fantasies about that ;D LOL.. ok ok.. great costume!!!
just out of experience with spray paint/clear coat, the smell goes away after a day or two, or three, sometimes it might take an entire week. so for the fumes/chemical smell, id suggest making the mask well in advance. <br> <br>great ible by the way.
that's really pretty awesome<br><br>I'd be tempted to just try and make the mask at some point :3<br><br>*will have to look into that*
Amazing this fantastic.<br>i wait next customer.<br>;)
Fabulous work! You deserve to be in (horror) pictures! &amp;Thanks for mentioning McCalls patterns! My home town --Manhattan, Kansas -- makes all the McCalls patterns today, and has a fantastic library of all the patterns they've ever made! I don't think they ever thought M4769 would one day be such a great costume!
Awesome job! REALLY Awesome! <br><br>A friend of mine did this costume for Halloween a few years back and she said the trick to help her with the walk was one shoe a size too big and one half a size too small.
I think you did an AWESOME job!!! Im hoping to do one similar for Halloween. I'n having a hard time finding a shirt dress pattern. Do you have any suggestions?? Thank you, Mel
hey, I'm doing this costume for halloween too and you can find the dress pattern on etsy.com i think it is. It's like ebay but cooler : D anyways just like in the description for the costume its McCalls M4769 <br>hope that helped!
You could try to be Heather for halloween this year, or Cybil,&nbsp;ormaybe even one of the other monsters that sort of has a human form toit, though I'm not sure what monster would do... But w/e, good luck onwhatever you do!
wait, Heather from what?
(Late post &gt;.&gt;) Heather from Silent Hill 3
This is so amazing! GREAT job! so like about the heels you would've wornwith this, what would they be? I have white heels from my alice costume but they're four inches? Would they be too high for this, and they have a shiny-ness (for lack of a better word) to them, would that be okay?
I assume that would be alright, I mean..I don't know, cause I didn't use them. I don't know how well patent leather (or imitation patent leather) would take to the whole distressing process, but maybe if you rough 'em up enough it'll be okay. And height for the heel is all subjective to the wearer, I suppose. I can't walk in heels that are super high cause I'll fall down!
You're hot!<br />
&nbsp;lmao, 'Put the plastic bag over your head'<br /> I don't trust myself to not suffocate
&nbsp;I saw this at fright farm and didn't understand the reference. Very creepy.&nbsp;<br /> &quot;Now, put the plastic bag over your head...&quot;&nbsp;
OMG, that is so gross and wonderful!
Hi there! ;)<br />
As I think &quot;Silent Hill&quot; is one of the best, if not the best &quot;Movie from a Video Game&quot;, I&nbsp;think you've done an amazing job!&nbsp; Fantastic outcome; it looks so real it's creepy.&nbsp; Did you have the knife and do the herky-jerky moves the nurses did in the movie? <br /> You could go with someone wearing the &quot;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Pyramid_Head_costume/">Red Pyramid</a>&quot; costume I see is listed in here also!&nbsp; Or if you had a daughter, dress her as &quot;dark Alessa&quot;! <br /> <br /> That would <em>freak </em>everybody out!<br /> <br /> Bravo on a great job!
&nbsp;Great costume! I love Silent Hill... you really captured the creepiness. Well done!
Amazing, you've really made my sisters Halloween, we've just made the mask! Exciting :D
I&nbsp;remember making this costume in a day a few years ago.&nbsp; I&nbsp;would have loved to have had a mask like yours!&nbsp; For anyone running short on time, I used cotton bandages, which may be more comfortable than the plaster.&nbsp; Also made the nurse's hat from poster board and reworked an old dress and shoes.&nbsp; Add some make up (play with different sponges for effect), gloves, and you're good to go!<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;Great costume, looks just the ones in the movie.
That is horrific and sexy at the same time. You should enter it in the Halloween contest!<br />

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