Picture of Silent Hill Nurse Mask
This is my version of the silent hill nurse mask. I took some inspiration from HAAARICA on instructables, 2DayWithPatrickJ, Stra Wifen, and Emma Cussen, all on youtube. I should warn you now that I probably explain WAY too much, and this is my first time doing anything like this, so I messed up a whole lot. I really hope you gain some inspiration from this and make your own version!

**The mask is still unfinished in this image! I won't be touching on the hat part just yet - I decided I will create a separate instructable for that. I will include images of the finished product later.
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Step 1: Supplies~

Picture of Supplies~
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intructables stuff 106.jpg
For this mask I used all of the following:

1. A mannequin head. I have no idea how much these cost because I already had one lying around. I presume they're pretty cheap.
   *** Another option is to use your own head, like HAAARICA did.

2. Newspaper (optional)

3. Plastic bags (We will be placing these over the mannequin head)

4. Plaster Strips - $4.99 at Michael's. I suggest 3 rolls.

5. Gauze - $1.50 at Walmart. 3 to 4 rolls.

6. Latex Rubber. I got liquid latex from Spirit's online store for $11.99 (almost $20 after shipping and taxes), but it was too watery and I ran out pretty quickly.

7. Fake blood. I got this one specifically from Spirit for $6.99, but for a small project like this you can just use corn starch and red food coloring or a cheap tube of fake blood.

8. Scissors, sharpie, Scotch tape.

9. Paint brushes, sponges, and scrapers. Got this all from Harbor Freight Tools for about $8 not including my employee discount. These can also be found at just about any tool or craft store.

10. A shirt you don't care about.

11. Some sort of tupperware container or bowl to dip the plaster in and clean brushes in.

12. small plate or lid for liquid latex.

13. Acrylic paints in black, brown, and white. (I included green in the image because I used the same picture from my nail tutorial)
ntw4586 months ago
Amazing mask ur hot too
milkdud551 year ago
Hunh, cool nice job
Thank you (: